VMworld 2017 Thursday Keynote

MIT Media Lab - Hugh Herman Works with prosthesis/crutches/etc. Even back in old times, found artificial items - toe on Egyptian mummy. In some ways not a lot of advancement in many years. Hugh lost his legs to frostbite - asked doctor if could drive, ride his bike, and moutainclimb. Doctor said can drive with … Continue reading VMworld 2017 Thursday Keynote

My Next Chapter – Rubrik!

tl;dr = Rubrik is excellent tech with amazing people, I wanted to stretch myself, and am super excited. So much for holding the punchline, eh? Let's double down on that then...I am incredibly excited to be starting with Rubrik on November 14 as their first Technical Marketing Manager reporting to Chris Wahl (you might have heard of … Continue reading My Next Chapter – Rubrik!