VSP1708 VCDX Defense Prep

Literally 20 people in the room…..got here late b/c only heard about this off of Twitter. Design Role Play Scenario #1 Consolidation Scenario -- sample info about consolidation physical to virtual but not enough. I/O Scenarios Asking about application scenarios is a good method. Ask about peak I/O characteristics per VM See Windows XP -- … Continue reading VSP1708 VCDX Defense Prep

VMware Certification Quickstarts: VCAP

Can tell that the presenter (Andrew Ellwood) is an instructor….maybe the best presenter of my sessions so far. Very relaxed, good flow, good humor, etc. Got into this despite not being enrolled -- covers VCAP:DCA & VCAP:DCD Only 700 VCAPs in the world. This is all about VCAP4 -- VCAP5 isn't out yet. No prereq … Continue reading VMware Certification Quickstarts: VCAP