VMware Certification Quickstarts: VCAP

Can tell that the presenter (Andrew Ellwood) is an instructor….maybe the best presenter of my sessions so far. Very relaxed, good flow, good humor, etc.

Got into this despite not being enrolled — covers VCAP:DCA & VCAP:DCD

Only 700 VCAPs in the world.

  • This is all about VCAP4 — VCAP5 isn’t out yet.
  • No prereq coursework but must already be VCP4.
  • DCD
    • About design, risk mitigation constraints
    • 3 day Design Workshop covers exam objectives (already took this).
    • Design Blueprint covers all the range of materials.
    • A number of design scenarios, using in-exam design tool (diagram/Vizio Lite)
    • Multiple-choice and drag and drop.
    • Total of 100 items to answer.
    • Passing score is 300 (scale is 100-500).
    • Total time allowed for exam is 4 hours.
    • Exam results provided at the end of the exam.
    • If fail, can take it 10 business days later.
    • Exam Interface
      • http://www.vmware.com/certification
        • Then VMware Certified Advanced Porfessional
        • click Datacenter Design tab
        • click VCAP4-DCD UI demo
      • Now walking through the demo…
      • 3 pane interface — requirements, primary site, recovery site.
      • Everything in this simulator can be accessed online.
      • Quasi-drag and drop interfaces.
    • Timing
      • Lots to do – watch the time carefully.
      • Limit caffeinated beverages — long exam so may crash.
      • Mark the design questions and skip them so can finish all the multiple choice questions – come back to them at the end.
      • Arrive early at the testing center — sign-in process is longer.
  • DCA
    • About “can you do your job?” really well.
    • VCP4 and no course requirements.
    • No multiple choice questions — just get a live environment.
    • Many recommended optional courses.
    • Class – Manage for Performance – 3 days.
    • Class – Troubleshooting – 4 days.
      • Need really good troubleshooting skills for DCA exam (VMA, have to be able to pull info out of log files, etc.).
    • Class – Security
    • Class – Automation with PowerCLI
      • Don’t be freaked out by this one….not a programming test but there is some PowerCLI stuff in it. Not ultra detailed on PowerCLI. Look at blueprint.
      • Think of really simple things you can do with PowerCLI.
    • Class – Advanced Fast Track – 5 day class, combines Troubleshooting and Manager for Performance
      • Another Fast Track combines Troubleshooting and Automation with PowerCLI.
    • Handson experience with vSphere Client, vCLI, VMA, PowerCLI
    • 40 live lab activities, no simulations, no multiple choice questions.
      • Each activity has multiple tasks.
      • Activities build on each other….if miss something on an earlier task,
    • Passing score is 300 (Scale 100-500).
    • 3.5 Hours allowed for the exam.
    • Andrew Ellwood (instructor) ran out of time, aellwood@vmware.com
    • Exam results in 10 business days (scored by script) — literally got exam results exactly 10 business days later.
    • Sample lab online as well.
    • “Manuals” folder on the desktop of your swing VM — don’t forget about it.
    • There are things on this test that take time — ex. Storage vMotion.
    • Not nested ESX — standalone physical hosts so pretty good performance.
      • Probably stay physical b/c of hardware requirements for certain questions.
    • Make sure to look at the blueprint, exam demo, and forums.
    • Timing tip – if have a question with a long list of stuff, read the objective of the question first..then backtrack to read all the info above (as you may not need all of that info).
  • Registering for the tests
    • Must request authorization code, validates VCP status, then 2-3 business days later or so you get a code so you can register for the test.
    • Have to give them VCP ID #
    • Nasty part = takes 2-3 days to process internally.
    • Limited # of slots available to take these tests b/c they’re 3-4 hours long…..long lead time sometimes.
  • Certification Lounge
  • Promo Codes
    • VCP 50% Off Coupon Code – VMWORLDLV50
    • Advanced Certs 25% Off – VMLV25ADV

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