[Live Blog] Pure //Accelerate techfest 2022

Starting in a couple minutes...am sitting behind Rob Lee, Shawn Rosemarin, Fitz and more... Here we go! CEO - Charlie Giancarlo Opening video - focused on sustainability, reduction of emissions, and more. Pure commited to reducing emissions by 66% per PB by 2030. https://twitter.com/andriven/status/1534567307355119617?s=20&t=FPXib0AUfDjnDwpPDVDH8w 8,000 people joining virtually.Pure founded on the idea that data storage … Continue reading [Live Blog] Pure //Accelerate techfest 2022

Here we go! Pure//Accelerate techfest 2022

Hard to believe it's been 2+ years since I was at a tech conference - but here we are! Sitting in the Global Partner Forum keynote as I write this with lots of executive involvement. This year Pure //Accelerate techfest 22 is in LA - new venue choice with some neat aspects - rooftop tent … Continue reading Here we go! Pure//Accelerate techfest 2022

Start with Why – Cloud Block Store Webinar Edition

During a sabbatical before joining Pure, I finally read Simon Sinek's book "Start with Why" (here on Amazon) after having watched his presentation on the topic quite a few times. If you've not seen it before, highly recommended - watch it now...I'll wait. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4ZoJKF_VuA Original 'Start with Why' presentation - you can find longer versions … Continue reading Start with Why – Cloud Block Store Webinar Edition