[Live Blog] Pure //Accelerate techfest 2022

Starting in a couple minutes…am sitting behind Rob Lee, Shawn Rosemarin, Fitz and more…

Here we go!

CEO – Charlie Giancarlo

  • Opening video – focused on sustainability, reduction of emissions, and more. Pure commited to reducing emissions by 66% per PB by 2030.
  • 8,000 people joining virtually.
  • Pure founded on the idea that data storage is NOT a commodity – competitors had focused on reducing R&D. In many cases the other vendors were commodity players that had other commodity business lines.
  • Stockholm syndrome for storage customers – “I’m getting it for cheap…it’s poor performance / reliability / customer service”. The captives start to sympathize with their captors – this is as good as it gets.
  • Data storage does not have to be a commodity – it can and should be high technology. This is what allows us to focus on driving the business forward.
  • 3 Things that get us excited.
    • 1. Cloud Operating Model – bringing more and more technology that allows you to operate your environment like the hyperscalars.
    • 2. Solutions that are easy + simple AND the right solution today, tomorrow, and into the future – this is Evergreen.
    • 3. Best Customer Experience in the IT world with a strong partner ecosystem.
  • We’re here to fix everything that’s wrong with the data storage system – lowest cost, greenest, Evergreen-est experience.
  • Wish I could have Evergreen in the real world – there’s a reason I wear a hat. 😛
  • Every announcement we have today is along these lines – why we were founded, what we’re focused on.
  • Innovation takes investment – will invest about 20% of revenue in R&D in an industry that invests an average of 5%. 5% is barely enough to keep the lights on.

4 Major Trends – Storage, when, how and as you need it.

  1. Subscription services – investing in this a long time. Evergreen gives the “keeps betting better with a subscription” for the first time in the industry on-prem. First step to SaaS-ify a customer experience in an equipment business.
  2. Pure as-a-Service – instead of you owning it and managing it, we own it and you don’t have to pay upfront but pay for as used.
  3. Storage as Code – offer storage to your internal customers as code. Less work for innovation but faster innovation for developers. Why did developers flock to the cloud? They didn’t want to wait 4-6-8 weeks for infrastructure.
  4. Containers – today have 3x the developers / marketing folks involved with Portworx as previously. Big investment.

Portworx Data Services – logical next step beyond Kubernetes to provide database as a service.

Now into “Delivering the All Flash Datacenter”

  • Why does this matter? Mechanical hard disk is holding you back frmo modernization.
  • Typewrites aren’t as good as a PC….and many more analogies.
  • Higher performance, lower latency, etc.
  • Everyone loves solid state…but couldn’t afford it for everything.
  • With QLC and hard engineering can compete with disk for the 2nd tier…and that’s not even considering TCO (less power, cooling, space, etc.).

Fun time machine video – showing Coz’s son installing a Pure array 10 years go and Prakash’s daughter deploying a database with Portworx Data Services in one click.

  • Focus on environmentals isn’t new for Pure – 5 years ago Charlie would go to customers and say “we use less power, space, and cooling”…but no one cared – “tell me about your price”. 6 months ago customers started really caring.
  • Focus on using less material, data reduction, using flash meant we’re environmentally friendly.
  • Believe will retain this lead for many years b/c have been engineering around these for a decade.

Innovation Award Time

It’s easy to make things hard. It’s hard to make things simple.

Jason Rose, Chief Marketing Officer

Ajay Singh, Chief Product Officer

  • Seeing 3 big shifts – 1. Cloud Ooperationg Model, 2. Cloud-Native Applications, 3. Shift to All-Flash
  • Can provide that via Flexibility, Agility and Speed

Matt Burr & Amy Fowler – FlashBlade GM and VP

  • Made a lot of big bets in creating FlashBlade 5 years ago.
  • Better Science – building high technology that builds value.
Shifting a bit more to tweeting and putting them here…

Murli on stage to talk about Portworx – “speed is about automation”. Comcast interview to discuss how Comcast is using Portworx.


As always, it gets hard to keep up especially when tweeting and blogging – hopefully this gave you a snapshot of the keynote.

As always, it gets hard to keep up especially when tweeting and blogging – hopefully this gave you a snapshot of the keynote.

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