Start with Why – Cloud Block Store Webinar Edition

During a sabbatical before joining Pure, I finally read Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why” (here on Amazon) after having watched his presentation on the topic quite a few times. If you’ve not seen it before, highly recommended – watch it now…I’ll wait.

Original ‘Start with Why’ presentation – you can find longer versions on YouTube as well.

I’ve tried to internalize that as I present…in this case a Cloud Block Store webinar back in November.

We started by walking through the landscape that Pure saw when creating Cloud Block Store – the “Why” if you will – using polished slides from Pure’s marketing team. There literally was no enterprise storage offering in the cloud – it simply didn’t exist. As well, there’s heavy “technical adjacency” to Pure’s existing on-prem capabilities – creating something new that leverages years of software development and competitive advantage (or else AWS/Microsoft/etc. could just do it themselves vs. being excited that we’re doing it). From there I took a bit of a left turn and we whiteboarded for 2/3 of the presentation (not quite as polished as the slides) as we dove into the “What” and the “How” – so much more fun than all slides. 🙂 By the end it looked something like this.

If you’re curious what the picture above actually means and how we got there, the full webinar is online here. Feedback as always is more than welcome.

I may at some point try to condense down the webinar flow into a blog post (or blog post series) but truly no idea if or when I’ll find the time to do that.

In the meantime, for some further reading on this topic, Jon Owings has a great related blog post (one I reference in the webinar) as well as 2 excellent posts by Cody Hosterman.

Thanks for reading!

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