Links and Whatnot, Take #2

As Calfo mentioned, it’s been a bit of an odd week….lots going on but I’m finding it hard to come up with a coherent single topic for a blog post. Given that, let’s launch into the 2nd edition of “Links and Whatnot”. 😉

  • NDA’s and Beta Programs — we’re starting another round of beta programs with one of our technology partners….it’s great to see a bit ahead of time what’s going on. At the same time, it can be interesting during customer meetings/discussions when you know about certain changes that will impact them. While we need to honor NDA’s (and I have no overall problem with them), I’ll often find myself steering the solutions/architecture in a certain direction…at times even just being upfront and telling the customer that “I can’t tell you specifically why I’m recommending this yet….but there’s a good reason you’ll find out about fairly soon”.
  • Information Storms — keeping up with Twitter, RSS Feeds, email, etc. etc. can be challenging. Part of my job is drinking out of the information firehose that is our industry but phew….it’s pretty crazy at times. Let’s just say I’m keeping on top of my “Storage” feed folder (around 30 feeds) in NetNewsWire (best Mac RSS client IMHO) but am falling behind on my “Virtualization” feed folder (around 50 feeds).
  • GTD — I’m trying out Wunderlist in an attempt to stay more on top of what needs to be done. It’s a basic GTD implementation with good client selection (native Mac and iPhone clients being the ones I care about). So far I’d recommend it although I may find myself wandering over to OmniFocus in the future. I need to finish reading Getting Things Done first — only purchased it a year ago after all.
  • Apple TV — wandering back to Calfo’s theme this week, we recently bought an Apple TV after our DVD player died. So far it’s sufficing as a replacement (I already had all our movies on the home iMac) and the movies + music + photo capability is really quite nice (maybe NetFlix down the road). I have the screensaver set to start after 2 minutes and pull randomly from our iPhoto library. Given that goes back 8 years, it’s quite an assortment….Jamie and I often find ourselves stopping for a couple minutes just to watch.

And that’s a wrap….if anyone is curious to see any of the items listed above expanded into a full blog post, just let me know.

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