CIM3417 VMware Journey 2011 and Beyond: Accelerate IT, Accelerate Your Business

Talking about Adoption Enablers & Adoption Inhibitors

Lots of data analysis, number crunching, etc. etc.

5 Key Takeways

  1. Savings – VMware customers enjoy significant operational efficiencies and savings; reduction of 30% in CO2 levels and HW maintenance, 27% savings in capital costs, 18% overall reduction in data center costs.
  2. Greater Agility – since 2010, customers are realizing greater business agility from virtualization, 14% faster provisioning times, and 25% faster application T2M compared with the 2010 figures; agility aided by cloud computing.
  3. Shifting ROI – 189& return on total investment in virtualization, ROI rates shifting compared to those report in 2010 (especially in companies with more than 500 servers).
  4. Mission-Critical Workloads – mission critical apps are 40-60% virtualized; two exceptions are Oracle DBs on the low end (27% virtualized), and Sharepoint on the high end (70% virtualized). All applications average 59% virtualized, with all mission-critical apps at 53% virtualized.
  5. Stage Advancement – primarily motivated by economics, those moving to ITaaS stage are motivated mostly by non-economic factors.

Had to leave early but these are the big takeaways…

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