SuperNAP Tour at VMworld 2011

I missed some sessions yesterday morning for a SuperNAP tour setup by Jason Nash….it was more than worth it.

To get right to the point, this is the most impressive data center I’ve ever been in…and I’m saying that having been in the NetApp and EMC RTP data centers within the last year or so.

Everything built to industrial scale, 100% power uptime guaranteed and provided since 2000, N+2 power grid with 3 separate power systems (and each is only run at 66% or lower power so one entire power system can fail), customer names that read like a laundry list of Fortune 100 companies (plus a bunch of government agencies that can’t be named), 26 bandwidth providers….the list goes on and on.

And yes, I did have a picture taken outside the building which they asked me to delete….crazy high security. Some customers have asked about doing physical penetration testing….however as the guards there are authorized to shoot to kill (given the government customers)….well….

See Jason’s blog post for more info….he did a very good writeup which I won’t try to duplicate.

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