VMware Partner Exchange Schedule

So I’m currently sitting at VMware Partner Exchange in a deep-dive Storage Troubleshooting session (very good 4 hour session) and realized I never posted my schedule. While I overlap a good bit with other Varrow-ites (surprise surprise), I wanted to put out what I’m attending.

Sunday and Monday I’m in pre-conference bootcamps…so no nice schedule builder output. Links for more details….

Tuesday through Thursday is regular breakout sessions – I intentionally skewed my schedule towards 1) Advanced Technical, 2) Intermediate Technical, 3) filling in the holes on the schedule. There’s deeper descriptions on the entire Content Catalog here.

Breakout Sessions Content Catalog

PEX Schedule

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if any questions based on the sessions you’re seeing. So far the storage session is quite good (I’ve been taking some long notes for the blog plus a good bit of Twitter).

Make sure to follow myself (twitter.com/andriven) and/or the #VMwarePEX (twitter.com/VMwarePEX) hashtag if you’re curious to hear what’s going on this week. I plan to be blogging a good bit.

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