EMC Bootcamp Notes – Solution Based Selling – VMware Partner Exchange

Summary = lots of integration/work/blood/sweat/tears from EMC into anything and everything VMware – highlighted across all my different posts on the EMC Bootcamp.

Note: as always, these are my notes from what was on the screen, what was said, and my own thoughts.

Session with Tommy Trogden – Solutions-based selling.

Random notes basically…

  • Consultative selling – story of a TC who would ask question and wait….and wait…and wait for the answer (wasn’t scared of customer silence).
  • Keep in mind all your potential resources…
    • TC’s
    • v/m/o Specialist
    • Replication Specialist
    • RSA Specialist
    • Finance Specialist
    • Consulting Specialist
    • Healthcare/Oil/Gas/Education focus people
  • Can even show org chart that’s specific to the customer….”who’s who in the zoo”
  • Social Media Focus – big push by Chad to get this stuff out there.
  • Blog List
    • virtualgeek.typepad.com – Chad’s Blog
      • Bible for the vSpec team around VMware+EMC
    • blog.scottlowe.org – Scott’s Blog
      • Tons of geeky info like stretch clusters
    • blog.cowger.us
      • Tons of info on vCOPs
    • velemental.com – Clint Kitson
      • UBER Powershell, PowerCLI guru on the team
    • MyVirtualCloud.net – Andre Leibovici
      • ALL awesome VDI – all the time!
    • vTexan.com
      • Install Guides – View 5, VSI Plugins and various VDI info.
    • Nickapedia.com – Nick Weaver
      • Father of the Uber tools, Fusion Networking, Uber Align)
    • Dozens more bloggs to watch on the team and extended teams (VCE, Cisco, VMware, etc.)
  • Everything VMware at EMC – tons of stuff here….big landing zone.
  • Deep dive on VDI architecture
    • Booting 500 desktops on 11 drives under 6 minutes
    • Internally call it 3,3,2 for 500 desktops (EFD,SAS,NL-SAS,FASTCache)e
      • Was called 5,5,5,2
      • Running on NFS
      • VNX Solution – 3% EFD, 25% SAS, 72% NL-SAS
  • Validated the following
    • Bootstorms – 500 desktops, under 6 minutes
    • Steady State Workload – VSI Login – set to Medium work load

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