EMC Bootcamp Notes – vCenter Operations & EMC – VMware Partner Exchange

Summary = I’m already very excited about vCOPs and have multiple customers using it. Seeing the mass of additional data points we can now pull in from the storage array excites me even more.

Matt Cowger – vCenter Operations and EMC Stuff

  • VMAX Adapter
    • It works!
    • Go to config tab and add adapter.
    • See front end util, back end util, system util
    • Areas for Improvement
      • FAST Pool Details
      • SymDev Details
  • HTTP Post Adapter
    • How Will this help me sell vCOPs?
      • Any to Any Integration – lets you shove anything into vCenter Operations
      • No major coding
      • Any language you want really.
    • Uber Simple Metric Addition
      • Specially formatted CSV
    • Integration Options
      • If you can get it out, you can get it in.
      • Already done in Powershell, Python, Perl — could do in Java or whatever.
  • VNX Adapter
    • No native VNX adapter so have to use HTTP Post
    • Written primarily by vSpecialist Clint Kitson
    • 100% PowerShell
    • Skeleton complete in < 1 week
    • Originally a POC for customer & VMworld HoL
    • Performance stats from NaviCLI – comes out as text so can then munge it into the right format
    • Uploading Performance Metrics
    • Also upload tiering/relationship data – like datastore to a LUN
    • Demo
      • Perf metrics from SP, from Pool (can’t even see that in Unisphere right now…only in vCOPs), ditto with FAST Cache
      • See full GUI clickable VMs –> Datastores –> LUNs –> Pools and/or RG’s –> Disks. Flatout Awesome.
  • Isilon Adapter
  • More Adapters – Avamar, Avamar Grid (deup rates over time, how hard Avamar grid is working, how big block size is over time), VPLEX (latencies, how much data is in sync/not in sync), ESXtop
    • There’s some info in ESXtop not counted by native vCOPs VMware adapter….their adapter pushes that extra stuff in.
  • Atmos Adapter
  • All scripts shown are available for free at http://emc.com/everythingvmware
  • There’s an officially supported version coming out later but no timeline.
    • Caution – likely when official version comes out won’t correlate old adapter data to new adapter data. Might be a tool to extract and then re-import in.

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