EUC1230 Session Notes – Technical Battleground: View vs. Citrix XenDesktop – VMware Partner Exchange

Matt Lesak presenting.

I’m staying somewhat general…the presenters are committed to calling out positive things about View/vSphere which I appreciate.

Note: being completely upfront, I work with Citrix products as well…what I like the most right now is how VMware + Citrix is driving this space so fast….competition = good.

More after the jump…

View Bundle includes all-you-can-eat vSphere licensing…very powerful.

  • View Persona Management — not just folder redirection but very smart profile management. 
    • How does compare to AppSense, etc.? Compares very well but doesn’t support physical desktops (yet)….also some of those products do more than Persona Management.
    • No dependency on Roaming Profiles
  • Big Optimizations on PCoIP and also some knobs/dials we can adjust when needed (trade off quality for speed).
  • Linux Client Discussion – # of distro’s is a challenge. Did get on Ubuntu’s store.
  • Not really planning in iPhone client b/c the screen is so small — could make tablet client work but not supported.
  • Multiple Client Options with Consistent Desktop Experience
    • Soft Client on Desktop PC/Laptop or Repurposing
    • Thin Client/Zero Client – some market leadership around zero clients for View.
    • Mobile Devices – 92% of Tablets supported – iPad and Android basically.
    • Citrix has more checkboxes…but different support levels in different clients (i.e. no HDX but just RDP).
    • When VMware supports a device, they support everything on that device….no features, etc. not there.
      • Personal Opinion – need to be careful on this messaging when don’t support PCoIP on all clients.
    • PCoIP for Mac out in first half of this year (beta is out and works well right now).
  • Acquisition Costs
    • Server Costs – View requires 19% less servers than 😄 – higher VM density, fewer components.
    • Storage Costs – 42% less storage than 😄 – calling View Composer more efficient than Provisioning Service.
    • Licensing Costs – concurrent user licensing across all packages, Citrix concurrent user license is $600 (list price…be careful as Citrix discounts a lot), View Premier is 30-67% less than 😄 Platinum
  • XenServer has real challenges with I/O in dom0 — known issue and still recurring (I can even confirm some of this personally). This isn’t really 😄 vs. View….but back to vSphere being best and then at point what do you choose to run on top of vSphere?
  • Provisioning Server is by far dominant method with XD…it’s also primarily physical.
    • Matt isn’t knocking Provisioning Server…but it does add complexity from a customer perspective.
    • When he started with VMware, he was like “where is the console for View Composer?” Well…there isn’t one.
    • Provisioning Server probably would have died if VDI hadn’t come along…I agree.
    • If PVS is so easy/great, why do MCS? (i.e. Linked Clones)
    • Some discussion about Kavisa — personally I all say Kavisa hits a lower market segment than View does….there can be value to segmentation frankly if done correctly.
    • Being very clear….View doesn’t bring world peace (neither does XD).
  • Back to use cases….make sure we’re solving a real customer problem, etc. etc.
  • Looking at Hypervisors – there’s really not much competition here frankly. View is then the most cost effective way to run View.
    • vSphere is closed source (no disagreement) but very open to integration – as proved by how XD/XA can live on top of vSphere.
    • Would say that XenServer is more open source but actually less open/integratable than XS.
  • I think this may be the same slide deck that’s available on Partner Exchange – good for market research in general (who knows your weaknesses better than your competitor…I’ll do the same thing with View at times actually).
  • MCS gets during PoC to ease/speed deployment….
  • View Composer vs. PVS
    • PVS isn’t supported on vSphere 5 – CTX131239
    • Cache disk is typicaly 40% larger than Linked Clone difference disk.
    • No support for user persistence.
    • Scaling can require something like SANsymphony, to scale…not necessarily.
    • To me: this is somewhat about feature/architecture differences.

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