CIM1326 Session Notes – Oracle Databases on vSphere5 Best Practices – VMware Partner Exchange

Got here late due to an EMC interview thing….apologies for partial notes.

Summary = Oracle can be annoying on vSphere but is definitely worth it. One of Varrow’s customers listed as a case study.

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  • Upgrade to vSphere 4-5 for 10-20% performance boost.
  • Use Oracle recommended install guidelines – same as physical.
  • Best Practices for vCPUs
    • Don’t over-allocate.
    • total # of vCPUs should be equal or less than # of cores in the host.
    • Enable hyper-threading for Core i7 processors (5500 and up).
  • vSphere 5 has virtual NUMA setting – extends NUMA architecture of ESX host to guest OS.
    • If sizing requires it, virtual machine can cross NUMA nodes.
    • Virtual NUMA can leverage any NUMA optimizations in OS or database.
    • Oracle NUMA – follow MyOracleSupprot doc ID 864633.1
    • Oracle disables NUMA in 11g and up.
    • NUMA might improve performance.
    • Recommends testing it first before applying to production.
  • Oracle DB Approximate Memory Architecture
    • Large DB memory -> caches more data blocks -> can minimize access to disk.
      • Use memory reservations to protect this.
  • Virtual Memory Best Practices
    • Don’t overcommit.
    • Don’t disable balloon driver.
    • CPU/MMU virt option to Automatic
    • Use Large Memory Pages
      • Consult Oracle doc for sizing SGA
  • Network Best Practices
    • Separate infrastructure traffic from VM traffic for security and isolation.
    • NIC teaming
    • Use NIOC if converging on 10 GigE
    • For “chatty” virtual machines on same host, put on same vSwitch.
    • Absolutely use VMXNET3
    • Use jumbo frames – KB 1007654
    • Separate RAC interconnect network to isolate from other traffic.
  • Storage Best Practices
    • Use VMFS for single instance Oracle db deployments.
    • Lots more here….running out of time.
  • Long slide on VMFS vs. RDM — leaning more towards RDM
  • Customer case studies — American Tire Distributors listed (Varrow customer).
  • Questions about Oracle on VMware
    • For any hardware platform (not VMware….any kind of hardware), Oracle reserves the right to ask a customer to duplicate the problem on other hardware.
    • If Oracle gives you a hard time on support (asks you to move platforms), call VMware GSS to open a ticket. VMware will own that ticket and run the issue for you — have hired many Oracle DB’s to support/assist with this.
    • Due to TSA (software alliance), Oracle has to take VMware’s calls/work through this stuff.
    • Write Oracle a letter asking for support….VMware can’t write it for you but can advise on it.
  • Benefits of Oracle database on VMware.
    • Performance
      • I/O is not an issue.
      • Scale up and out.
      • Newer hardware can increase performance
    • Server Consolidation
      • Fully utilize hardware
      • Maintain application isoloation
      • Scale dynamically and right-size infrastructure
    • Rapid Provisioning
      • Streamline activation, deployemnt and validation of servers.
    • Workload Management
    • High Availability
    • Business Continuity
  • Summary
    • Performance is fine…not an issue.
    • Use vMotion and DRS to make your life easier.
    • Don’t leave DB non-virtualized…higher risk.
    • Virt can be part of compliance strategy.
    • Yes, we have Oracle support statement

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