EMC World – Session Notes – Source One 2013

Best line of the session – Backup is about recovery, archive is about discovery.
Notes after the jump…


All bullets…
  • Most content not active – study across 37 large customers…
    • 4% non-business related
    • 6% unknown
    • 18% duplicates
    • 48% Stale
    • 24% Active, known relevant
  • Storage is cheap but is more than just acquisition cost – management, replication, legal liability for data retained that shouldn’t be.
  • Content Breakdown
    • File Servers – 48%
    • Email – 35%
    • Collaboration System – 12%
    • User’s Desktops – 11%
    • User’s Laptops – 9%
  • Backup is about recovery, archive is about discovery.
  • Key Improvements of SourceOne 7.0
    • Archiving
      • Indexing, Flexible FSA, reporting and auditing, monitoring of components, self-service restore of content
    • Discover Manager
      • cross content discovery support, auditing/reporting, concept based archive folders, db enhancements, GUI enhancements
  • Main Components
    • Email Management
      • less storage, improve app performance, accelerate upgrades and migrations, apply/enforce retention policies, better UX
    • Email Supervisor
      • Monitor communications, review messages based on business policies, supervisor & review productivity, proof of compliance
    • File Systems
      • storage optimization, indexing = intelligence, self service restores, find needed files, flexible move/stub/index/dispose files
      • differentiator = index before change it
      • index in place – captures full text index – good search and retrieve
      • Can handle files in Sharepoint
      • Pretty reports
    • MS SharePoint
      • Can redirect large BLOBs directly to storage – very cool
      • 95% Sharepoint reduction
      • navigate and search Sharepoint content that’s inside SourceOne from inside Sharepoint
      • can report and audit
    • Discovery Manager
      • search across SourceOne objects
      • filter based on search attributes
      • address mapping to single identity for accurate historical searches (name or email changes, etc.)
      • save searches for audit and re-use (sometimes precise searches dictated by the court)
      • export search results
      • Discovery Manager Roles – lots of flexibility.
      • Discovery Manager Workspace – looks like Outlook client.
    • New – Concept Based Native Archive Folders
      • concept-based folders and indexes organized by matter
      • archive by legal matter
    • Discovery Manager Export Options
      • retry failed exports

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