How to become EMC Elect

Or rather…how I became EMC Elect.


EMC Elect is a program in its 2nd year to recognize social outreach/evangelization focused on the EMC portfolio — similar to VMware’s vExpert program. More details here.

It is a notably smaller program however by number of members — 750+ vExperts vs. only 80 EMC Elect.–official-list

I truly was honored to be designated EMC Elect 2014 — wasn’t sure if I’d make it. What’s very cool is that I’m 1 of 3 EMC Elect at Varrow — Jason Nash and Joe Kelly repeated from 2013.

Given that 375 people submitted but only 80 were selected (just over 20%), see below for what I submitted. For all I know, I just barely made it — that wouldn’t surprise me — but was sufficient for this year at least.

I am very fortunate in that my position at Varrow gives me opportunities around many of the items below…but some of them almost anyone could do (EMC World blogging for instance).

Hopefully helpful for someone…maybe you already have similar items you can cite for next year’s application or this provides examples of things you can do this year if aiming for EMC Elect in 2015.


Yes, I’m nominating myself but…

As a TC for Varrow (i.e. pre-sales engineer for EMC’s largest partner in SC/NC), I spend a lot of my day talking about EMC Solutions, architecting them, quality time with MiTrends, explaining the output to customers, etc. I’ve been personally involved in the architecture/training/etc. around 10+ VNX purchases this last year and several VMAX purchase as well (along with a lot of Data Domain + Avamar).

During EMC World 2013, I put up 13 blog posts and got a lot of traffic (publicized via LinkedIn & Twitter) — over 1200 visitors (some posts were password protected with the password only given to EMC employees or partners I could verify).

I also hold EMC TA Specialist certifications for the Unified/VNX and VMAX…brief interview around certification value at EMC World here (happened as I was getting my Proven Professional EMC shirt).

Happy to provide more information if desired — I’d be honored to be considered for EMC Elect in 2014.

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