EMC World 2014 – Area 53 Keynote

Cool intro video….as you’d expect.

“Please welcome Agent J & Agent H” – Jeremy Burton and some other folks (young man as well). Some T-Shirt shooting….fun.

Jeremy Burton – “If you can’t download an app from the App Store, please leave now as you won’t understand anything.”

New world is driven by deployment of applications – move to 3rd platform is driven by business, move to 2nd platform was driven by IT.

Showing video about InsureCorp – accident with incredible claim processing. Locate accident, send drone to take pictures, file claim, file accident report, send Uber car, send tow truck. All powered by Pivotal of course.

Quote from large bank exec – “Banks need to take on Amazon or Google or die.”

More after the jump…

Sundeep Madra on stage – CTO of Pivotal. Here to break down the InsureCorp app – take many data sources and combine in real time.


Walking through demo of Pivotal Web Services in the real world – deploying application update without downtime (command line demo), also showing the GUI.

Cloud Foundry = development platform but also deployment platform.

InsureCorp Storage Requirements – 5 categories. 1) Personal Info in Relational Database, 2) Analytics for Cross Sell in Hadoop, 3) Accident Photos in Object Storage, 4) Accident Report Collaboration in File Storage, 5) Archive for Compliance in Object Storage.



10 years ago insurance records in db would have had a green screen with 10 kb of data – now it’s 1000x that.


Walking through ViPR demo – showing VMAX, VNX, VPLEX all underneath ViPR. 

Moving into data protection – the continuum of RPO & RTO Objectives. With 3rd platform may need to use multiple options for the various types of data.

NewImageBrief review of Project Charon – “google Project Charon”

Now onto VPLEX – VPLEX is a first class citizen in vCenter now (vCenter interface shown with VPLEX UI inside vCenter). Virtual VPLEX also inside vCHS. Moving into the demo showing migrating a VM live between on-premise. 

5 minute Avatar 2 Preview Behind the Scenes – then Jon Landau on stage (Avatar producer) for an interview.

NewImageWhen James Cameron first came up with Avatar story in 1995, the technology literally didn’t exist – not just 3D but compute power, storage capabilities, etc.

First part of Avatar 2 behind the scenes preview video at http://moby.to/f2np8d

Special effect differences between Titanic & Avatar – in Titanic had to drop $750k for an SGI unit. 20th Century Fox didn’t want to pay for it.

“If Avatar did anything for the industry, it allowed film makers to believe that if you can dream it, it can be created.”

Yes, Jim Cameron can be hard to work with – but people from Avatar came back to work on Avatar 2. Demanding but to fulfill a vision….

So what’s attainable in the future? “Things are going up in quantum leaps – anything is possible.” For the Abyss movie, they had 900 MB of online storage. Avatar had 180 PB.

Working on 3 Avatar sequels – each movie will complete itself but together make up a full saga. Trying to build Avatar outside the movie world – working with Disney for “Avatar Land” to experience Pandora.

Syncplicity + Isilon done – can browse Isilon home directories via Syncplicity iOS client.

Now skipping to the end – had to cut some pieces due to time.

Into a live demo of the Area 53 iOS app.


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