EMC Redefine Possible – The Day Before…

I’m greatly looking forward to the EMC Redefine Possible event tomorrow – otherwise known as MegaLaunch 2014.


From what I’m hearing there’s some very good stuff coming (surprised, eh? 😉 ) — I know that’s vague but I don’t want to steal the thunder from tomorrow’s announcements. What’s most fascinating to me is the ‘feel’ – the pace and level of innovation even as EMC dominates many market segments. This is not a complacent company – in one conversation earlier today with an EMC employee he described the feel in his specific product group as being that of a startup (and it was spoken by someone who has had previous startup experience).

Thanks to EMC and the EMC Elect program I’m actually in London currently to cover this live — live-blog tomorrow morning along with Twitter + some post-event analysis. Look for a couple blog posts. For those in the US, I realize much of it will be done by the time you get online (starts at 10:30 AM UK Time – 5:30 AM on the US East Coast). I appreciate the coordination by Sean Thulin especially on this (along with everyone else – it’s interesting to see firsthand how much work goes into these kind of events).

It was great to meet up with both old and new friends tonight at the Analyst reception – Sean Thulin, Roy Mikes, Jon Klaus, David Ring, Stu Miniman, Rob Peglar, Steven Foskett, Courtney McShane, Danielle Schimp, and many others (apologies to anyone I missed). Picture here courtesy of Sean.


Note: standard disclaimers apply – EMC paid for my flights/hotel but not for what I choose to write (or not write). Anyone reading this blog knows I work with a lot of EMC technology (as does Varrow – we were the EMC Partner of the Americas this year after all)…but also have to provide truly workable solutions to customers so am looking for things that will have a real impact. Nuff said…

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