EMC Elect 2015! (with a Varrow thought)

In the category of “hopefully better late than never”, I wanted to acknowledge the honor of being selected for EMC Elect 2015 as well as jot down a few thoughts.

For those not familiar, EMC Elect is a community-driven recognition program with core characteristics focused around Engagement, Commitment, and Leadership. Read more here if not familiar with the program as well as for the full list of all 102 Elect for 2015.

EMC Elect Overview

The EMC Elect of 2015 – Official list

This is my second year as EMC Elect — this year was a bit different as I am Elect primarily due to being one of 12 judges. While definitely not a simple process (and took a good bit of time), it was quite interesting to see how the process works from the inside. For those wondering, no one can be a judge two years in a row and the judges are separate from those who run the program (currently Mark Browne & Mary Kilgallen but also included Sean Thulin and Dennis Smith). For a great write-up of the judging process and some general number-crunching, you can’t do any better than Dave Henry‘s post here.

Journey to EMC Elect 2015 (with Bonus Number-Crunching)

The one statistic that Dave didn’t include is the partner with the most Elect outside of EMC – Varrow (my employer – surprise surprise). We are an incredibly committed EMC partner – EMC Americas Partner of the Year last year actually – press release on that here. While I wasn’t in that picture, I was sitting in the front row about 20 feet away. Given our EMC focus, it frankly only makes sense that we have such a high concentration of Elect. I believe Varrow actually has the most Elect outside of EMC (although am not 100% sure on that — am checking). For that matter, we also have the most vExperts (19) of any partner and we’re #3 for all companies. EMC and VMware are rather in the water around here.

Finally, I do hope to write a later post with some thoughts about my experience as Elect in 2014 and why I’m looking forward to 2015.

Here’s to a great year to come.

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