EMC World 2015 – Day 1 Keynote – Live Blog

This is a live blog of the keynote…purely what I’m able to keep up with but hopefully somewhat organized.

High-energy live intro music as always (live orchestra)…lots of cool honeycomb usual effects.

  • Jon Martin – Chief Marketing Officer
    • Walking through the agenda, Goulden, Praveen, Jeremy Burton,
    • Lots of special guests joining – Scott Harrison (founder & CEO of Charity Water),
    • VP of Global Delivery at Xerox
    • Lots of Guru sessions – Big Data
    • Lots of things happening at the village
    • DevOps theme to EMC World – (I was at the DevOps day yesterday)
  • Intro section with light dancers – same as we had at VArrow Madness two years ago.
  • David Goulden now on stage…
    • 40,000 attendees from 99 countries
    • Themes is Transformation and Redefine:Next – feel that this is accelerating
    • In 2020 – only 5 years from today – 7 billion people connected.
    • Software is not just about a killer app but also about enabling smart devices – Uber, Wick, IVMS (tracking his dachsund around the house), tracking his car, ordering food.
    • What’s important about this picture is that we’re not going back — we’re only moving forward into this even more interconnected world.
    • 5 key attributes – operate in real time, etc. These requirements are coming from the business – so IT must lead or be left behind.
    • 89% of the Fortune 500 companies from 1955 don’t exist today – EMC thinks current disruption is bigger than any before due to platform shift.
    • Key Characteristics of 3rd Platform – Mobile, Data, Social, Cloud
    • EMC Federation – response to this market change is the driver behind the EMC Federation of companies – EMC, VMware, Pivotal, RSA, VCE
      • Focused on outcomes – engineered solutions that drive to outcomes
    • Enterprise Hybrid Cloud – many customers start on a cost reduction side – Enterprise Hybrid Cloud for that. Varrow and now Sirius have this up in our Charlotte Lab – can demo to customers.
      • Tech foundation is VMware and EMC components – these are Platform 2.5 technologies as they bridge Platforms 2 & 3.
      • 24% reduction in OpEx costs
    • Converged Infrastructure – goal is to focus on apps and business. Vblock out for 5 years now.
      • Walking through VCE portfolio
      • VSPEX Blue/EVO:Rail in there as well
      • What about hyper converged at scale?
    • Announcement – VXRack – engineered system like a Vblock – designed and supported by EMC using EMC and VMware technologies
      • Blocks (Vblock), Racks (VXRack), Appliances (VSPEX Blue)
  • Praveen – CEO of VCE now onstage with David Goulden
    • What is compelling about CI to customers? Getting infrastructure deployed more quickly.
    • Deeper portfolio walkthrough – Vblock, VSPEX Blue (can have it up and going in 10 minutes)
    • VSPEX Blue – bring enterprise capabilities into the hyper converged smaller segment
    • VXRack – opening up the rack and showing it….
      • Built on hyper-converged building blocks – 2RU
      • Can get 2 flavors – compute intensive node or storage intensive node
      • Plugs into vScale architecture/ACI from Cisco
      • Will play with Vision and other EMC tech
      • New class that’s different – Tier 2 workloads, emerging applications
      • How small can VXRack start? How big can it go? Start with 1/4 rack, then 1/2 rack, then full rack – can grow to 1000’s of racks. 38 PB of capacity, 1000 nodes.
      • Can go into vScale architecture
      • Want this to be same customer experience as have with Vblock
  • Back with David Goulden – Praveen offstage….
    • Platform 2 of automotive industry – gas cars
    • Platform 2.5 – hybrid cars – some are very cool
    • Platform 3 – electric….brand new platform. Much simpler in many respects
    • Let’s pull this back to IT…
  • XtremIO – next major release – 4.0
    • No revenue to All Flash Appliance (AFA) market leadership in 18 months
    • Architecture Matters – inline dedup, all data services online all the time
    • Million Dollar Guarantee from last year? No one has cashed it in.
  • VMAX3 – new release with lots of features but specifically can sit in front of other platforms.
  • Data Domain 9500 – replaces the existing DD990 – bigger, badder, not much more than that.
  • DSSD – more on that tomorrow….but it’s super cool!
  • Hope you agree this is not your father’s EMC
  • Strategy for EMC storage is simple…
    • Full family of best of breed storage platforms for Platform 2,2.5,3 – automated by ViPR
    • Family of converged/hyperconverged best of Breed – Vblock, vSPEX Blue, VXRack
    • Partnership with rest of Federation for outcome focused solutions
  • Last thought from Goulden….discussing CharityWater/CharityWalk
  • Now Jonathan Martin & Scott with CharityWater on stage…
    • Raised $350,000 for CharityWater to help 6,000 people in Ethiopia
    • they keep 2 bank accounts – one that the public contributes to (all of that goes to help people), another to cover overhead (paid for by private donors)
    • Transparency – can see all the wells around the world
    • Try a lot of approaches based on the area – with EMC money it’s largely drilling wells. $10k to drill a well.
    • Scott spoke with a mother – 8 of her 10 children died partly from bad water/infections.
  • Jeremy Burton now on stage…
    • Talking with Guy Churchward –
    • XtremIO has a crazy fast ramp – along with Data Domain and VMware
    • Gartner just put a report out – 30% market share – 10% over anyone else
    • Xerox up on stage – VP for Global Service Delivery – walk through of how looked at various IT challenges and one major outcome was XtremIO
      • IT perspective – changed our lives
      • Business perspective – 30% increase in productivity – 20x faster response time
      • No escalations from regional geographies since October 2014
    • XtremIO 4.0 – what’s coming….
      • RecoverPoint, etc. For Varrow/Sirius internal folks – we have a slide on Slack with the 4.0 release features detailed out (just search on XtremIO 4.0)
      • More than just software – 40 TB X-Brick released – up to 8 X-Bricks
      • 2 Million IOPs, Petabyte scale,
      • Availability – VPLEX in front with a fun drive-pulling, stick of dynamite demo to keep the workload online.
    • VMAX3 – not your father’s Symmetrix…
      • Talking about how added ProtectPoint last year – we’ve had a VMAX3 beta in our CLT lab all year.
      • Discussing how can go in front of multiple types of storage.
      • So easy a 5th grader can provision it – bringing a 5th grader on stage (Henry). What do you know about VMAX3? Nothing. What do you know about Halo? A lot.
      • Now a do with Henry provisioning a LUN – showing it live…
    • Cloudboost – can use Networker and Avamar to push out to any cloud.
    • All flash VNXE’s

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