Nutanix .NEXT 2016 – Day 2 Keynote Morning

Disclosure – this is a live blog. I’ll do my best for it to be coherent but I’m prioritizing rapid updates + keeping up with the most polished formatting.

Day 1 Keynote was the Dheeraj show + Diane Greene & Google Cloud announcements. I was hoping to live blog but the internet wasn’t conducive plus the expo hall was PACKED.

Day 2 will be….

  • Sudheesh Nair, Nutanix President
  • Adena Friedman, NASDAQ CEO & President
  • Dillon TenBrink, Home Depot Senior Manager Systems Engineering
  • Sunil Potti, Nutanix Chief Product & Development Officer
  • Jamie Lin, CenturyLink Manager IT Engineering

Starting soon…normal high energy music play to wake people up after a late night.

Opening video walking through different sectors,  applications, etc. As always, it’s on a screen that’s 200 feet wide or so. Nutanix is trusted by healthcare, retail & manufacturing, financial institutions, other institutions, and therefore should be trusted by YOU.

Sudheesh Nair – takes the stage. 2 advantages of a conference in DC…

  1. You’re (likely) not drunk.
  2. In any other city, nerds aren’t the coolest…but in DC we are the coolest bunch. You can go to a party, say what you do for a living, and people will still talk to you.

There are mysteries in life – what a DJ does, what Ryan Seacreast does, what the NASDAQ does. We can solve the last one though.

Adena Friedman (NASDAQ CEO) joining Sudheesh on stage

The world changed when the NASDAQ disrupted the world with an all electronic stock exchange. When a company is disruptive and then very successful, it’s hard to continue the disruptive culture – make a lot of money, get really big, etc. You become afraid of disrupting yourself and drop back to incremental improvements.

Often do things outside the budgeting process to help facilitate disruption. Also a venture financing arm to make “outside the business” bets.

The history of the investing industry has always been people and judgments – that’s also being disrupted both via passive investing (index funds) but also by data scientists with no investors doing lots of data crunching. “What about human judgment? Don’t I still matter?” Answer = “it will all come out in the data if you’re a good CEO”

Let’s talk about the Nutanix + NASDAQ technoogy partnership. NASDAQ actually powers the tech for 90 other companies in the world. Regular but good numbers cited – lower time to provision, improved performance and latency by 2x, 40% smaller footprint.

Sunil Potti, Nutanix Chief Product & Development Officer

Based on his intro from from Sudheesh, he’s full of brains and full of hair.

Starting out with a Dilbert cartoon about Hybrid Cloud – good stuff.


As work on replatforming the enterprise datacenter to look like Amazon or Azure, we’re only get started – the basis is a “simple core hybrid cloud” so can’t tell difference between what’s on-premises or off-premises.

1750 Node Cloud that’s all AHV – very impressive.


More discussion coming about how to fuse enterprise apps and cloud-native apps – really want to hear more about this.

Adding support for HP Proliant – DL380-G9 and DL360-G9. Software buy on HP can be transferred to Cisco and vice versa. Pushing further down the path of decoupling software from hardware. Any Application deployed on Any Server with an Open Approach.

Any Application – it’s no longer about just VDI but about mode 1 or mode 2 apps…or whatever you like to call them. 3 big capabilities to power this.

  1. Frictionless Migration
  2. Eliminate Bottlenecks
  3. Always On – keep it running all the time

Announcing Xtract – VM Xtract, DB Xtract – 1-Click Migrate VMs (ESX to AHV), 1-Click Migrate DB’s, Automatic Sizing & Best Practices, Encrypt natively and manage keys locally.

Announcing X-Ray – see the slide. I’ve seen a lot of companies promise this kind of thing but never really deliver it…would be great if this plays out well in real life.


Now walking through a live demo of Xtract – automating up to thousands of lines of scripting.

Next demo shows Oracle performance – at .NEXT 2016 showed Oracle driving 80k IOPs on Nutanix. In 2017 that’s now 4x higher – 320k IOPs on the same setup.

Right before that Raja and Sunil showing 450k IOPs off an 8 node cluster.

Adding 1 Minute RPO for Async Replication – can also set to 15 seconds (as shown in the demo at least).

Announcing Acropolis Container Services as well as 1-Click PaaS, Deploy on AHV with GPU Support.

Diving into Acropolis File Services – now can scale to 1B Files and announcing/adding Native NFS Support.

IBM’s Brad McCredie now on stage – running Nutanix on the Power9 platform. Also claimed next year’s hero numbers will be over 3M IOPs via IBM Power Systems.

Military deployment discussion – showing a 4 node Nutanix cluster in a reinforced suitcase. Also a new definition (to me) of “burn-in” – when a parachute doesn’t deploy and gear hits the ground at 125 MPH and makes a divot in the ground…the equipment still survived.



CenturyLink now on stage – Hadoop, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and many more runnin on Nutanix.

(Apologies I’m slowing down – trying to keep up with Twitter and live blogging.)

Great quote from CenturyLink presenter.

Nutanix Calm Summary

  1. App-driven automation
  2. Self-service application marketplace
  3. Multi-hypervisors, multi-clouds

Rajiv Mirani now walking through Prism Central – One Click Control plane.

Showing Dynamic Alerting to rebalance Bully VM’s and prevent VM bullying.

Now into a One-click Hybrid Networks – deploy into Amazon within 4 minutes. Also showing cloud costing.

Microsegmentation can help with malware spread – part of new features. Network policies around easy microsegmentation – can just monitor but also enforce.

Integrated billing for Xi with your account – add Availability Zoes to your Cloud with 1-Click. Showing one-click failover as well as one-click failback for Xi.

Hopefully this blog was helpful – to get a good feel for the announcements, go read the #NEXTConf twitter stream from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM Eastern time for June 29.

That’s a wrap!





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