VMware Partner Exchange Schedule

So I'm currently sitting at VMware Partner Exchange in a deep-dive Storage Troubleshooting session (very good 4 hour session) and realized I never posted my schedule. While I overlap a good bit with other Varrow-ites (surprise surprise), I wanted to put out what I'm attending. Sunday and Monday I'm in pre-conference bootcamps…so no nice schedule … Continue reading VMware Partner Exchange Schedule

Data-driven recommendations, please.

Crazy as it may seem, as a Technical Consultant I spend a good bit of time gathering data -- performance data, utilization data, configuration data...the list goes on. We even had a specific couple hour training session last Friday in Greensboro on some of the tools we should be using (thanks to Matt Hensley for … Continue reading Data-driven recommendations, please.

Managed Services = what exactly?

No, I'm not being facetious...I'm simply seeing this definition evolve before my eyes as I sit in various meetings (sometimes part of the discussion, sometimes just a fly on the wall). In the last several weeks, I've seen real interest in Managed Services in companies that range the spectrum -- large commercial, education, government, medical … Continue reading Managed Services = what exactly?

Dreaming Together

I've been spending much of the evening preparing for a "Technology Assessment and Roadmap" discussion tomorrow with a long-time Varrow customer....which served to remind me to what I like the most about my job -- sitting down with people, discussing business needs/goals, and helping them with figuring out how to get "there" from "here". Sometimes … Continue reading Dreaming Together

Varrow Madness!

Rather than re-summarize Jason's post, I'll just point to it... http://jasonnash.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/weve-gone-a-little-crazy-varrow-madness-2011-is-coming/ Suffice it to say, I'd be pretty surprised if you follow the virtualization space and don't know at least one of the names listed there (with more to come)....should be lots of good technical content. I also don't personally know of any other Carolinas-based … Continue reading Varrow Madness!

“Innovation without imitation is a complete waste of time.”

A rather bold statement but one that has resonated for me recently. To give credit where credit is due, the title quote comes from a TED talk by Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs (video embedded below) and is actually only one part of his entire talk (warning: some parts describing a few of the dirty … Continue reading “Innovation without imitation is a complete waste of time.”

How much is an untested Disaster Recovery plan worth?

(This is a conversation I've had several times but figured it merited a blog post given it came up again with a customer this week.) How much is an untested Disaster Recovery (DR) plan worth? Similarly, how much is an infrequently tested DR plan worth? (say once a year) Pardon my being blunt....but somewhere between … Continue reading How much is an untested Disaster Recovery plan worth?