VMworld 2017 Thursday Keynote

MIT Media Lab - Hugh Herman Works with prosthesis/crutches/etc. Even back in old times, found artificial items - toe on Egyptian mummy. In some ways not a lot of advancement in many years. Hugh lost his legs to frostbite - asked doctor if could drive, ride his bike, and moutainclimb. Doctor said can drive with … Continue reading VMworld 2017 Thursday Keynote

Nutanix .NEXT 2016 – Day 2 Evening Keynote

This ended up being a non-traditional live blog - I'm trying out tweet curation for the first part at least. Dheeraj Pandey onstage to introduce Bill McDermott of SAP https://twitter.com/andriven/status/880543768314732545 https://twitter.com/andriven/status/880544069377638400 https://twitter.com/andriven/status/880544402535469056 https://twitter.com/nutanix/status/880544402988384257 https://twitter.com/andriven/status/880545569315278848 https://twitter.com/andriven/status/880545817031036930 https://twitter.com/andriven/status/880547247229763585 https://twitter.com/tcrawford/status/880544287229980674 https://twitter.com/ScottIntel/status/880546916299268097 https://twitter.com/andriven/status/880548394619609089 https://twitter.com/andriven/status/880548778205257728 https://twitter.com/andriven/status/880549262219558912 https://twitter.com/andriven/status/880549262219558912 https://twitter.com/ScottIntel/status/880549382474608640 https://twitter.com/andriven/status/880550727256604672 https://twitter.com/andriven/status/880550893027958784 https://twitter.com/franciozzy/status/880550500286033921 Sudheesh Nair onstage Conversation with Lenovo's Kirk Skaugen - no … Continue reading Nutanix .NEXT 2016 – Day 2 Evening Keynote

Nutanix .NEXT 2016 – Day 2 Keynote Morning

Disclosure - this is a live blog. I'll do my best for it to be coherent but I'm prioritizing rapid updates + keeping up with the most polished formatting. Day 1 Keynote was the Dheeraj show + Diane Greene & Google Cloud announcements. I was hoping to live blog but the internet wasn't conducive plus … Continue reading Nutanix .NEXT 2016 – Day 2 Keynote Morning

My Next Chapter – Rubrik!

tl;dr = Rubrik is excellent tech with amazing people, I wanted to stretch myself, and am super excited. So much for holding the punchline, eh? Let's double down on that then...I am incredibly excited to be starting with Rubrik on November 14 as their first Technical Marketing Manager reporting to Chris Wahl (you might have heard of … Continue reading My Next Chapter – Rubrik!

Dell EMC World 2016 – Closing Thoughts

This is an overdue post from Dell EMC World (Oct 17-20) - my final one actually. Full disclosure that DellEMC paid for my flight/hotel/conference pass. Also, full disclosure that I’ve since then accepted a position with a company that competes with EMC in certain areas (blog post on that to come later this week). You … Continue reading Dell EMC World 2016 – Closing Thoughts