HashiConf 2018 – Interview with Armon & Mitchell

If you follow HashiCorp at all, you're familiar with the co-founders - Armon Dadgar and Mitchell Hashimoto. While Amber Rowland had originally scheduled some time with Mitchell, there was so much good stuff in the Tuesday keynote (live blog here) it ran long disrupting executive briefing schedules. Result = 11:40 AM call from Amber - … Continue reading HashiConf 2018 – Interview with Armon & Mitchell

HashiConf 2018 – Wednesday Morning Keynote

Today's keynotes are a couple different speakers. Started out with a photo montage... https://twitter.com/PariseauTT/status/1055136007299813377 Jeff Barr from AWS on stage next. https://twitter.com/andriven/status/1055136394023059456 If reading this, I ended up posting more on Twitter than here. Disclaimer: I attended HashiConf on a free media pass however paid for my own flights and hotel. There was no requirement … Continue reading HashiConf 2018 – Wednesday Morning Keynote

HashiConf 2018 – Tuesday Morning Keynote

Watch the live stream at http://www.hashiconf.com/live Want the full press release of what's being discussed this morning? Look no further than the official press release here. HashiCorp Showcases Significant Product Updates Across its Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Automation Suite Keynote starting soon - this blog will be a combination of notes and leveraging what I'm putting on … Continue reading HashiConf 2018 – Tuesday Morning Keynote

Getting Nerdy (Again) on the Oracle Ravello Cloud Service

tl;dr = Oracle's cloud strategy is 1) to allow customers to easily bring what they have at strong price points so 2) customers will build the future with Oracle. They're continuing to execute on that strategy with financial + customer success. For those of you following along at home, the first Oracle Ravello Blogger Day (#RBD1) … Continue reading Getting Nerdy (Again) on the Oracle Ravello Cloud Service