CIM2452 VMware vCenter Operations Technical Deepdive

Came into this session late…apologies for the rather fragmented notes.

  • When Normal Behavior isn’t good….
    • Probabilistic vs. absolute health model
  • VC Ops has a domain-specific health model for vSphere
  • Use absolute health noel until analytics’ probabilistic model is ready to generate DT’s
  • 2 Goals of capacity management
    • Efficiency — optimization of capacity.
    • Predictability — availability of capacity.
  • How to think about capacity
    • Look at usable capacity, not total capacity (account for failover, extra buffer, HA failover, etc.).
    • Think in terms of VMs…you deploy VMs — not CPU or memory.
      • Deploy CPU/memory/disk/etc. in “VM-sized units”.
  • Understanding behavior
    • Understand weekly patterns — business week, weekend, workload spike at  9 AM on Mondays.
  • Optimizing capacity
    • Multiple levels — VMs, hosts, clusters
    • Powered off and idle VMs
    • Right-sizing — yes, please
  • How do we determine an idle VM?
    • Simple…when VM usage is less than a configured threshold.
    • But…when is it idle overall? Time-based over xx% over xx time period.
      • Two thresholds — VM idle or not, VM idle how much over last week/month/etc.
  • Seriously down in the weeds stuff (in a good way)….walking through when VMs are idle and/or over utilized vs. underutilized.
  • Summary
    • Virtualization and cloud present new challenges.
      • Fuild Capacity, invisible walls, separation of provider and consumer.
    • Must move beyond manual monitoring and troubleshooting.
      • Most performance management solutions today require extensive manual effort.
      • Doesn’t scale well with cloud environments.
    • One more point….

A lot of deep down stuff that I didn’t blog as was difficult to turn into a good post….

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