GD32 vSphere and vCloud Director with Massimo Re Ferre

Small group discussion with Massimo re Ferre around vCloud Director, interesting use of keypads for each person to do live surveys as Massimo is leading the discussion.

One attendee mentioning vs. vCloud Director….Massimo discussing depth of integration and ecosystem.

  • What’s most important attribute for you in cloud?
    • Self Service – 52%
    • BRoad Network Access (internet access) – 3%
    • Resource Pooling (shared infrastructure) – 21%
    • Elasticity (Infinite resources or feeling thereof) – 14%
    • Measured Service (PAYG or quick check-in/check-out) – 10%
    • We need a certain level of organizational maturity in order to leverage cloud computing.
      • I complete agree — vCloud Director allows IT alignment with the business but if the business is dysfunctional (past a certain point) hard to align.
      • Might also add VMware Service Manager, Cisco NuScale, etc. to provide additional layer of abstraction and catalog capabilities.
  • So what about vCloud Connector?
    • Move from a state where end user has vSphere with a physical on-premise infrastructure to new level of abstraction where you have a vCloud enabled through local install of vCD + public resources.
    • Standard explanation about vCloud Connector

Massimo really knows his stuff…unfortunately this session didn’t really address areas I was interested in so left earlier.

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