Grateful for a (paternal) grandmother in Florida who accepted Christ as her Savior just weeks before going to heaven last Friday with both her sons at her side in her own home of 40 years.

Grateful for a (maternal) step-grandmother in Kansas who passed away in her sleep with no pain this morning having lived a full life as a committed Christian and with family close until the end (the only grandmother I ever knew on my mom’s side).

Grateful for coworkers who work together during extremely challenging professional situations.

Grateful for a strong, caring, lovely wife.

Grateful for two healthy, beautiful children.


Psalm 107:1-2

Job 1:21

One thought on “Grateful

  1. Stumbled across this looking for a celerra/VNX question I had. This is beautiful. As a fellow follower in the Richmond area, keep this type of posting going. I will be subscribing to your feed.



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