EMC World – Keynote – Software Defined Storage and more

So…these notes are pretty rough. As long as no one complains about them being too rough, I’ll keep posting them (I’m no Scott Lowe here ;-).

Jeremy Burton – @jburton – came out, opened his shirt and wearing a storage superhero t-shirt. Has a blue LED on it like EMC storage cabinets. Gave away 3 of them using a t-shirt gun.

EMC World = 93 trucks, 8,768 power point slides, 190,000 watt speaker system, 2.3 miles a day, 174,480 cups of coffee, 3.4 miles of network cable.
More after the jump…

Multiple in-depth keynotes.
Biggest line in the EMC Square has been for the superhero green screen picture setup.
31 Hands-On Labs, 500 sessions.
Real commitment to education
Now on stage – David Goulden, President & COO
EMC keeping #1 in storage, now #1 in scale-out file storage, #1 in SMB, etc.
Recent EMC order – 41 PB in a single order
Salesforce needs many of the same storage characteristics as NYSE.
Need to virtualize more so can automate more.
Next: Abstract, pool, and automate storage networks.
Software Defined Storage Requirements
        Data Services
        Storage Controller – can handle EMC VMAX/VNX/Isilon as well as 3rd party & commodity
Provide Service Catalog – examples are Block Storage for VDI, Exchange, Databases – file storage for Hadoop, file, etc.
VIPR reports on the virtualized storage, SRM Suite covers physical storage checks.
Automation – automate storage creation, replication, SAN configuration, server configuration.
4 Key VIPR characteristics – Provisioning, Self-Service, Reporting, Automation
Now showing VIPR – Jeremy back onstage along with UBS CTO
I bailed out after this point to head to the Blogger’s Lounge.

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