EMC World General Session – Joe Tucci & Paul Maritz

8:30 Tuesday morning – brutal for IT folk IMHO

Tucci taking the stage
Through the years
     EMC World started in 2008 – $5.4 billion in 2002. From 2008 to 2012 is $12 billion revenue to $21.7 billion
     2002 was first version of it – had Symmetrix, some Clariion, not very much back then.
     2002 – lot of controversy 
     2012 mascot – weird-looking guy – name that guy – winner was Toby (acronym for something)
4 Big Trends – Mobility, Cloud Computing, Social, Big Data (EMC agrees with Gartner et al.)
Need a “Sea of Trust” for these megatrends to really shine – without trust these won’t take off.
Three Great Platforms of IT according to IDC
     1st Platform – Mainframe & mini computer
          Millions of users, thousands of apps
     2nd Platform – PC, LAN/Internet, Client/Server
          Hundreds of millions of users, tens of thousands of apps.
     3rd – Cloud, Mobile, Mobile Devices, Social, etc.
          Billion users, millions of apps
Only IBM made it from Platform 1 to Platform 2 – that’s scary.
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As EMC working on continuing to dominate Platform 2 but move into Platform 3.
Focusing on 4 brands – EMC, VMware, RSA, Pivotal
     Not trying to integrate everything super-tightly into one brand.
Dual Innovation Strategy – my comment = incredibly successful
    1) R&D – 12% of cash revenues on R&D, $2.8 billion per year, 13,000 engineers
    2) Acquisition – 10% of balance sheet (cash) and buy companies – VMware, Data Domain, Isilon, etc. – about $2.4 billion per year
So what is the differentiator for a customer?
     Better Control, More Choice = Agility
Point of the arrow is VMware
     Standardize on X86 architecture
     Virtualize platforms on that architecture
Now the focus is Abstract, Pool, Automate
EMC has a real world focus on choice – doing it today
     Can choose which server vendor, storage vendor (ViPR supports multiple), network vendor
Believe in building horizontal architectures – not vertical architectures (cough, Oracle)
Converged Infrastructure market – VCE has 57% marketshare, next closest is HP at 27%
Unstructured data is 3 times as big as structured data and growing 5 times as fast but most businesses make decisions based only on structured data
Telemetry is increasing the pace of data – sensors all over the place – leads to big and fast data.
     Projection is 200 billion devices connected to the internet – insane amount of data points.
Pivotal is startup to focus on this market.
     1,250 emplooyes, EMC owns 62%, VMware 28%, GE 10%
     Pivotal will help with running applications on vCloud, Azure, & OpenStack
RSA is now a big customer of big data – analyzing user behavior to figure out when breakins occur.
Tucci wants to shake everyone’s hand here if we could – at 20 seconds/person would take 83 hours.
Paul Maritz, Pivotal

Goal is build a platform higher up the stack – 
Each generation had underlying data fabrics – mainframe, client/server, etc.
New applications drove new underlying data fabrics
New consumer internet giants have figured out 3 things…
     1) Store and reason over very large amounts of data cost-effectively.
          Google GFS = form of scale-out object storage.
     2) Culture of rapid application development
          Can’t get to this level of agility without heavy, heavy automation
     3) Input huge number of data in real-time.
Ingest huge number of events and react in real-time.
Internet of Things – Pervasive Telemetry – so many data points it want to make you cry.
Don’t want the 3rd generation of applications to be like 1st generation – where if you wrote mainframe code you had to pay IBM a tax forever.
     Don’t want you to write applications that are locked into Amazon – and you have to pay Amazon for those applications forever.
Pivotal sees 3 categories of capabilities
     Cloud Fabric
     Data Fabric – scale-out object store, form of HDFS, underlying consistency
          Huge data sets – more data you can get in one place the more powerful it is
          This has to be able to 1) scale, 2) be cost-effective, 3) highly reliable
          Pivotal will provide scale-out memory spaces
          First productive that fits this paradigm – Pivotal HD – standard Apache/Hadoop distribution + Greenplum (HDWQ – Hadoop with query)
     Application Fabric
IMG 3216
IMG 3217
IMG 3218
Heading out as the session is running long…very good stuff.

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