EMC World General Session – Pat Gelsinger


  • Started a bit late due to technical issues in the Bloggers Lounge – notes will be live and therefore a bit rough
  • I like Gelsinger as a presenter but there wasn’t much new here from an overall vision perspective.
  • Too much noicse in the bloggers lounge for great notes….I greatly appreciate EMC providing a bloggers lounge but definitely not suited for live blogging (I was hoping that with power and more comfy seating it would be a good live blogging venue but not so much).
More after the jump…

Abstract, Pool, Automate.
Asking customers where they are in the journey – CapEx, OpEx, or Services
     Only 20% are really in an ITaaS phase.
$10 Billion savings/year on server virtualization.
Could be $60-70 billion savings/year on server virtualization.
Software defined network about pushing virtualization out even further.
Current IT = many silos – database, high performance, mainframe (still), etc.
According to IDC over 80% servers virtualized within next 5 years.
Reviewing the drivers for core server virtualization
     Emerging Markets still working on it
     Emerging workloads – mission critical workloads
     Most Powerful – new workloads often going to private or public clouds.
Cloud Service Provisioning (friend of the user), Cloud Operations Management (friend of IT), Cloud Business Management (friend of the CIO)
     VMware is targetting these various suites at different people in the organization based on how it helps them.
VMware NSX – here goes Nicira.
     General overview – not much new here.
     Data Growth at 9x from 2011 to 2015
     Brief overview of the same trends.
     Software Defined Storage
     Now comparing/contrasting vVols and VIPR
     Local flash for I/O offload as well – makes me think of Pernix Data (who is at EMC World ironically)
Goal = last physical desktop you’ll ever buy – pretty slide.
     Bring all the desktops back to the datacenter.
     Flash has a huge impact on the storage requirements especially for VDI
Moving into live Hadoop demo but some intro first….
     Over 500,000 Hadoop physical servers – Pat getting all riled up about that…what have we done letting 500k physical servers into our datacenters?
Very impressive demo – deploy a new Hadoop cluster with 15-20 nodes in 4-6 minutes
Showing a live search of images from Venetian last night using Hadoop – looking for Pat’s image on the Venetian casino floor last night.
     During this vSphere turned off Hadoop nodes in a Tier2 cluster to give more resources to a Tier1 cluster.
Last part of storage – replication and availabaility across sites.
Stopping here due to time…

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