EMC World – Session Notes – AppSync: Managing VNX Protection of Critical Microsoft Applications and VMware

Will cover product details, roadmap, and demo.

Intermediate level Technical Content
Creating a Data Protection Strategy
1. Replication increasing – bandwidth becoming cheaper, replication becoming easier, etc.
     Nice IDC numbers and quote here
2. Map technology to recovery objectives – classic RPO & RTO discussion (if you don’t know what this is, talk to us (Varrow) as we cover this a lot with customers).
3. Automate Application Protection – schedule and synchronize.
4. Let application owners protect and restore their own data.
5. Provide SLA Assurance and Reporting – test, guarantee it works, etc.
More details after the jump…. (actual AppSync info)

What do app owners want? (our customers)
     More control over their protection.
     More insight into what’s happening
AppSync – Simple, SLA-Driven, Self-Service
     Can push agents out centrally
     Easy Email alerting
AppSync plugin for VSI – can manage AppSync from VSI in vCenter
SLA-Driven for Gold, Silver, Bronze
     Roles-based system access
     ItemPoint – integrated single item recovery for Exchange
     vCenter Integration – given VSI
ItemPoint – MailBox Restore as a Service
     Wizard driven
     Does NOT require Exchange recovery environment (this is notable)
     1. Choose “Restore Individual Messages or Mailboxes”
     2. Choose “Recent Exchange Database Copy”
     3. Search for items, drag and drop to restore.
Top Benefits
  1. Fast reecovery time – restore 1 TB of data in under 3 minutes
  2. Both physical and virtual – understands vMotion of SQL VM’s
  3. Understands DAG – discovers and protects active and passive copies
  4. Customizable workflow for backup integration – scripting engine
  5. Integrated single item restore capability
  6. VSI Integration
  7. No agents required for VMware – vCenter API
AppSync 1.5 – What’s New
  • Support SQL Server
  • Support for NFS (File) Replication for VMware
  • Exchange 2013 Support
  • Adds “native” VMware datastore protection
  • Push install service pack updates from AppSync server
  • New Hardware Qualifications and updates
SQL Demo – clickthrough demo.
     Not going to narrate the demo – looks pretty logical given my experience with other tools like this (Replication Manager, SnapManager products, etc.).
Key Takeaways
  • App Owners want….
    • More control over their protection.
    • More insight into what’s happening
    • More options for ptoection
    • Shorter RPO windows
  • But of course….AppSync is the answer! 🙂

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