EMC World 2014 – Crazy Schedule

I’m on the plane right now to EMC World — lots on the agenda for this week. In no particular order…

  • vVNX Confidental Briefing this thing Monday morning (Chad already mentioned it on his blog so the name at least isn’t confidential. )
  • Varrow Customer Dinner at AquaKnox
  • VMAX.NEXT Beta Briefing all day Thursday
  • EMC’s Social Lounge + EMC Elect Lounge – really nice space to hang out/get work done/post blog entries. I had some completely unplanned but very good conversations here last year.
  • Community Appreciation party Tuesday night – first hour EMC Elect only. I’m really looking forward to meeting other EMC Elect.
  • Customer lunch (specific customer) around use cases for Isilon in their industry
  • General sessions – hoping to make some of them so I can blog details. I don’t necessarily expect to hear new stuff in the general sessions but I like to hear what EMC is emphasizing to customers and the press overall — speaks well to their focus for the upcoming year.
  • Multiple EMC Elect NDA Briefings in the EMC Elect Lounge – Isilon, ASD Briefing – ViPR, Nile & ScaleIO, XtremIO, etc.
    • I really appreciate all the scheduling work by Sean Thulin
  • Breakout Sessions – I think I identified about 30 I’m interested in…your guess is as good as mine how many I’ll make it to.

I’m hoping to create a lot of blog content this year as last year — will be challenging when in the NDA sessions but will post as much as I can. Here’s to a crazy week!

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