EMC World 2014 – Keynote – Tucci & Goulden

Summary = I don’t necessarily expect new content at a keynote (that’s Area 52 & 53) but I find it interesting what themes EMC chooses to focus on when they have an audience of 12,000 onsite and many more online.

More content to come here…

  • Strobe lights and lots of quotes from customers about EMC products to start – someone called it “rave-style”.
  • Marketing officer comes out playing guitar (air guitar?) – various social initiatives – water for developing countries.
  • Now a video game style video about rebuilding your datacenter with the Federation.

Joe Tucci now on stage.

  • Joe Tucci now on stage – “hello” – “hello!”
  • And now we’re playing Cinco de Mayo music with dancers walking by Joe Tucci – Joe actually did 2-3 arm pumps in rhythm.
  • EMC received it’s highest net promoter score ever.
More after the jump…

  • Theme is REDEFINE due to increasing amounts of transformation – customers driving it and the industry has to respond.
  • 2010 was first exabyte shipped year, 2011 had first exabyte shipped quarter, 2013 had first exabyte shipped month.
  • 2013 – 28 million IT professionals, 2020 = 36 million IT professionals.
  • Today = 230 GB/IT pro, 2020 = 1.2 PB/IT pro – so a 25% employee increase but a 5x data increase.
  • What’s causing the deluge of data? Mobile devices – 27% of data, Social
  • Rise of the Software Defined Enterprise – otherwise can’t change quickly enough or keep up with the pace of growth.
  • Data deluge growth drivers – 4 key players – social, mobile, etc.
  • EMC’s Federation strategy is a direct response to this crazy transformation – Pivotal, VMware, EMC
  • EMC’s Dual Innovation strategy – 10% of Revenue on Acquisitions, 12% of Revenue on internal R&D
  • Tucci announces acquisitions of DSSD
  • Andy Becholstein now on stage – Tucci is super excited about this.
  • No product specs today though for DSSD
  • Bill McDermott with SAP no video conferenced in – always interesting to see who gets stage time.
    • SAP gets prime stage time during EMC World keynote.
    • World going mobile, execs want real time data, core SAP business is now cloud HANA
    • Feels like SAP may rename the whole company to HANA soon.
  • Lots of positive references to the DSSD acquisition but not much detail frankly.

Now another “Game of IT” video – hmm….these are cute but…well…whatever. Let’s get Goulden on stage.

David Goulden now on stage – CEO of EMC Infrastructure

  • Here to talk about the 3rd platform of IT – starting out by talking about how Tesla is not just a new car but a new software platform.
  • Nest getting a reference too – Thermostat Redefined.
  • Uber too – more redefinition.
  • Applications define third platform – Tesla, Nest, Uber.
  • Insurance claims too – file a claim through an app on your phone – how much data does that create?
  • How do you handle the business requirements for this?
    • Invest in 3rd platform, manage costs on 2nd platform.
    • But need consistent management, tools, etc. as much as possible.
    • IBM, Java, Oracle, MS listed as 2nd platform.
  • EMC is committed to best of breed in every sector.
  • Brief mention of EMC Converged Infrastructure – VSPEX & VCE.
  • Crazy busy since EMC World last year – ViPR release, VNX2, SRM Suite, new Data Domain, XtremIO release, BRS Suite, etc.
  • 5 big areas to discuss
    • New All Flash Array Offers
      • 50 PB = all of human writing up to now.
      • Focus on inline data services – necessary for solid performance
      • Showing XtremIO vs. competitor in tests done by customer – Xtremio stayed consistent, competitor went up to 133 ms – huge deviation on the competitor.
      • Now walking around the audience – unveiling $1 million guarantee – will give to first customer that show the array not meeting the terms.
      • What if you bought an AFA that’s not working out in production? “Trade It In – All Flash Array Rescue Program”
      • Server side flash – current story has limitations. The Next Chapter is…
    • New Rack Scale Flash Storage
      • Game changing IOPs, Bandwidth, Latency
      • 100’s of TB of addressable flash capacity.
      • DSSD goes towards sub-1 ms performance.
      • Flash: 3% of Enterprise Storage by 2017 according to IDC – means lots and lots of disk still in play.
    • New Software-Defined Storage
      • ViPR is extended further support into OpenStack
      • ViPR supports a TON of stuff – more on the slide than can type out.
      • ViPR will handle block storage too based on ScaleIO – pools server storage over 1000’s of nodes.
      • Works with VMware and Microsoft
      • HDFS support as well – committed to leading storage support for Hadoop.
      • ViPR will support Geographic Replication & Distribution – can setup object stores in ViPR and replicate them.
    • New Elastic Cloud Storage Appliance
      • “How do we make it easier to deploy cloud scale storage?”
      • Project Nile – this is the shipping version of that.
      • Complete – supports tons of stuff.
      • Cloud-scale – can scale up and down very easily.
      • Any data center
      • Configurations – mix and match space and IOPs.
      • Positioning as 23-28% less expensive than Amazon and Google – could be a huge deal.
      • Need more details on the configurations – how you mix and match.
    • Hybrid Cloud in 5 days or less.
      • What is the best deployment model?
      • EMC announcing Reference Architecture with specific instructions.
      • Hybrid Cloud Solution for VMware
      • Has EMC storage, data protection, VMware self-service, management & orchestration,
      • Service Providers and vCHS referenced on the same slide.
      • A true on-premise private cloud – designed to be a natural extension of vCHS – one enterprise platform, common management, seamless networking, same IT process.
      • Will be building a private cloud live during EMC World to show how you can truly do this.

Now into the recap….great review of EMC’s focus from Goulden.

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