EMC World 2014 – Session Notes – ViPR & Project Nile

Got here late….tried for VPLEX + ViPR session but arrived 15 minute late and they were done the content already (hour long session but only 15 minutes of content).

This turned out to be mostly a review of ViPR…very little Project Nile.

Came in partway through the ViPR content…

  • VPLEX & RP Enhancements
  • ViPR Hardening
    • IPv6 and Dual Stack Suppot
    • Security Hardening Scans
    • Compliance Certs – FIPS 140-2, Section 508, Common Criteria
  • Geo-distributed datacenters
    • SSO across Geo
    • Global tenants and projects
    • Reporting across ViPR instances
  • ViPR available for $0
  • ViPR controller has native VASA provider – can provide VASA even if underlying storage doesn’t support VASA.
  • ViPR can also integrate with VCOPs & vCAC via adapter.
  • OpenStacker Cinder plugin coming in the future – Microsoft as well.
  • ViPR SRM – pull together data from underlying storage as well as ViPR for complete view.
  • Goal of ViPR continues to be “Data Services on Almost Any Hardware”
    • Data Services from ViPR = block, object, HDFS
    • Commodity Hardware
    • Enterprise Hardware
  • Supports common industry API’s – S3, OpenStack, Centera CAS, Atmos
  • ViPR Block – enabled by ScaleIO
    • Managed by ViPR controller similar to other ViPR data services
    • Virtual pools of storage with varying performance characteristics – just like ScaleIO
    • Scales to 1000’s of nodes.

Now onto Project Nile – EMC ECS Appliance…very little discussion of this other than a slide or two.

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