EMC World 2014 – Session Notes – VMAX & Oracle High Performance Solutions

Overheard before sessions – customers of EPIC Healthcare make up 3-4% of EMC’s storage revenues.

Summary = Pre-built, Pre-tested for Oracle, Single contact for all support, Extreme Performance for OLTP & BI, Best TCO with FAST and multi-tiering strategy, Best data proaction and availability (T10 PI (DIF), D@RE, VMAX local and remote replications), Easy to use/manage/fast to deploy.

Scroll down to see crazy performance test result screenshots – also full Oracle DB recovery in 13 minutes.

More after the jump…

  • Starting with an overview of vBlock from an Oracle DBA’s perspective…way too long.
  • vBlock cuts it down to 45 days.
  • vBlock family of systems – 100, 200, 340 (VNX), 720 (VMAX), Specialized Systems
  • Presenter is the guy who designs vBlocks for specific application verticals.
  • DB Servers – details in screenshot.
    • Went rack mount for XtremSF cards – up to 500k IOPs per server
    • IMG 4821
  • Application servers – optional.
  • SAN Components – stuck with MDS 9710 to huge throughput – see screenshot.
    • Smaller configs did MDS 9148’s as are still line rate.IMG 4822IMG 4823

Now onto the second presenter….

  • Started with question of “are there any DBA’s here?” (he’s happy that there are)
  • Walking through the software components…
  • Lots of VMAX features that benefit Oracle….overview slide….will dig into each of these.
    • IMG 4825
  • Dig down – VMAX Data Protection & Optimization – VMAX RAID is 0.75 usable – Oracle ASM is 0.5 or 0.33 usable.
  • Showing real world usage of Oracle with FAST VP
    • Oracle does well at striping across all LUNs….but hot spots are so much smaller than a LUNIMG 4826
  • Backups – offload activity from production instances by leveraging underlying storage.
  • Oracle log shipping – it’s good but database by database. SRDF or RecoverPoint can provide consistency across multiple databases in a single overall system.IMG 4827
  • XtremCache 2.0 is specifically Oracle aware – does cache coherency across multiple servers.IMG 4828

Now showing lots of real world performance benchmarks – using screenshots for that. But…4 million IOPs!!!

IMG 4829IMG 4830IMG 4831IMG 4832IMG 4833IMG 4834IMG 4835IMG 4836IMG 4838IMG 4839

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