EMC World 2015 – Live Blog – Global Partner Summit General Session

Opening with a gentleman – John Maclean – who was an athlete, hit by a truck while running, and paralyzed from the waist down…his story. He wondered if he could ever do anything…married, have children, etc. His father asked him during recovery – “look how far you’ve come – how far can you go?”


He was training for a triathlon and continued – finished a 141 mile triathlon paralyzed from the waist down.  He later married in 2009 and now has a son.

After 25 years in a wheelchair, he’s learning to walk again since last year – is hoping to enter a triathlon as an able bodied athlete. It’s incredibly hard to take 25 years of internal dialogue and reset that.

Incredible. He did.

He did the triathlon – if he could make it one step at a time and keep going, he could do it.

What’s the takeaway? TABB

  • Think
  • Act
  • Believe
  • Become


Now into GPS session items….Greg Ambulos on stage (some items may intentionally be clear if you’re not an EMC Partner)..

  • High intensity opening video…
    • 189 million of Facebook’s users are mobile-only.
    • Mobile drives half of e-comerrce.
    • Spending on cloud computing will grow at 30% CAGR – Goldman
    • By 2020 internet connected devices will outnumber humans 3 to 1.
  • Ambulos telling his first and last story of white water rafting.
    • It’s amazing how we like stories….he went off the raft accidentally and went over a 70 foot falls.
    • He was only focusing on survival.
    • Flash – XtremIO #1 fastest growth platform in the history of IT

<snip>Next section is in Evernote….feels like shouldn’t disclose partner program details publicly. ;-)</snip>

  • Billy Scannell on stage now…
    • We must have the intestinal fortitude to lead the disruption or risk being disrupted.
    • Lead on-prem expansion and off-prem/on-prem portability.
    • Always awkward when the slides get stuck…
  • Chris Riley – Senior VP, EMC Americas Enterprise Sales
  • Jay Snider – Senior VP, EMC Global Alliances

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