EMC World 2015 – Day 3 Keynote – Live Blog

Starting soon…there’s a rumor that Apple Watches will be given out for Twitter activity…

Started with Ilumenate again – now Jeremy Burton on stage….

Jeremy Burton

  • Talking about Platform 2 vs. 3
  • Platform 2 = dogs, Platform 3 = chickens
  • You take care of your Platform 2 apps and nurse them back to health.
  • You shoot a Platform 3 app and spin another one up.

CJ Desai, Randy Bias, Chad Sakac, Jeremy Burton

  • In the 90’s lot of talk about data warehouses, today a lot of talk about analytics.
  • Lots of themes going by pretty fast…
  • Cloud Aware – cloud API’s and support various Cloud Stacks
  • Open 2.0 – looking more and more at open source.
  • Rack-Scale Flash Storage –
  1. Announced Data Lakes – Isilon and ECS are part of that.
    • Isilon = Scale-Out File & HDFS
    • Isilon – natively supports a ton of protocols – FTP, NFS, SMB, HDFS, REST, NDMP, HTTP, SWIFT
    • ECS = Scale-out File & Block (uses ViPR & ScaleIO under the covers)
  2. Software Defined Storage
    • ScaleIO
    • Very flexible – can run on bare metal, multiple hypervisors
    • Massive Scalability – the larger you scale, the higher the performance goes
    • Got 100M IOPs from 500 nodes
    • 24x better than Ceph for Response time
    • 7x better than Ceph for IOPs
    • Boom! ScaleIO now free to download – customers would say they used Ceph b/c they could try it for free….so let’s take care of that.]
    • VXRack – can start with 1/4 rack and go up to 1,000 nodes.
  3. Cloud CI – Project Caspian
    • Randy Bias on stage – more Twitter followers than Chad
    • Came over with Cloud Scaling acquisition – wasn’t sure how it would fit at first but saw it when talking to EMC execs.
    • Open Source is about 3 key things
      • Community – bug tracking, getting help from others, etc.
      • Control – if issues can access the code, etc.
      • Vendor Neutrality – if a certain vendor doesn’t work out, you can change vendors
    • So how do we start big with this?
      • Looking at ViPR controller to open source 
    • SAP Global Head now on stage along with Intel & Verizon execs
      • one big concern when went with ViPR were worried about locking. Were pleasantly surprised when heard would open source ViPR controller.
      • Working closely with ECS & ScaleIO
      • Were you skeptical when heard about open-sourcing ViPR? Closed source to open source is hard…have to focus on end user experience.
    • Openstack – now into that…
      • Fastest growing open source community in history.
      • Sponsors = Cisco, Dell, Canonical, EMC, Dell, VMWare, etc. etc.
      • Lot of things on the open stack truck – so many discrete pieces. So how does EMC help people? In what areas?
        • 1) Scalability – Build something scalable or something infinitely scalar.e
        • 2) Third Platform – focus on third platform/next gen apps
        • 3) Hyper-converged – customers want it to be easy/turnkey but also want to scale storage and compute separately.
        • 4) Easy – easy operational model, day to day operations.
      • That’s a hard list of stuff.
    • Project Caspian – Chad Sakac will be running through this on stage in a couple minutes
      • Fun opening video – showing good and bad lifestyle choices with an Apple Watch app poking Chad Sakac or Jeremy Burton about their day to day lifestyle choices.
      • Showing how can bring racks and nodes online very quickly – then scale out apps.
      • 1) Elasticity – helping that with hardware
      • 2) Openstack – help the application scale that way as well.
      • Design Point = Apache OpenStack but could be other OpenStack distros
      • Now into a ScaleIO demo – similar to ones have seen before.
        • Showing multiple tenants and workloads
        • Can throttle individual workloads in various ways – avoid noisy neighbor issues.
  4. NextGen Flash
    1. Going into DSSD – face off match between Bill Moore & Chad Sakac
    2. 15 node Hadoop cluster with DSSD (Bill) vs. 40 node Hadoop cluster (Chad)
    3. Performance test of DRAM vs. SSD vs DSSD – DRAM is 10-15x faster than SSD…DSSD is pretty close to DRAM.
    4. Fun walkthrough of a bakeoff and showing some analytics on Chad’s health – he got taken off stage by media.

That’s a wrap!

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