VMworld 2015 Day 1 Keynote Live Blog

Going to live blog..will post updates as we go along if Wifi and/or tethering cooperate….
What’s below is a somewhat blow by blow writeup with commentary – if you want a summary, read Scott Lowe’s blog post here (although his summary stops before we got to Photon and containers).
  • Starting with a video about VMware cloud academy – cute.
  • Carl Eschenbach on stage with cloud apps
    • Over 23,000 people at VMworld, 50k+ attending online, 88+ countries, 6k+ VMUG customers, 7k+ partners
    • 1st even in San Diego – 1200 people
    • 21 people who have been to all 12 VMworlds – Carl is one of them
    • Community of citizen philanthropists – VMware Foundation
    • Join Destination Giveback – #vGiveback
    • Carl’s sportcoat is giving Martin Casado a run for his money – got Martin responding to that on Twitter.
    • Focusing on being ready for any challenge around speed, innovation, productivitity, etc.
    • Helping our customers be ready for 4 things….
      • 1) Run – be ready to run any application
      • 2) Build – traditional applications, containers, etc.
      • 3) Deliver – deliver any application on any device
      • 4) Secure – accelerate networking and security from the datacenter to the device.
    • Goal is to provide Freedom, Flexibility, and Choice
      • We want it to be all VMware but realize that’s not always practical.
      • Embraced Opernstack last year.
      • 2 pronged approach to supporting containers – both on your current infrastructure and also via a totally new stack
    • Want to let you choose the technology, architecture, platform, application, device – we will engage with you.
    • One cloud – not that it’s a single homogenous cloud but rather seamless integration between private cloud and public cloud (might be multiple)
      • This is the Unified Hybrid cloud.
      • Hybrid all the things
    • For users, the distinction between on-premise IT and off-premise IT has already been eliminated. IT has to catch up.
      • Believe that VMware can provide the most powerful Unified Hybrid cloud platform.
    • Everything starts and stops with the application – so we have to keep support traditional applications.
    • Discussing the multiple on-premise infrastructure options – V+C+E, VCE, NetApp, etc. etc.
    • Examples of how VMware is partnering with customers to take advantage of “one cloud, any app, any device” architecture.
      • Automobile manufacturer – monitor and tune customers cars in real time.
      • Telco – voice over LTE much faster
      • Education – securely allowing teachers, students, and parents to access curriculum outside the local districts.
      • Pharmaceutical – 120 years old, big legacy datacenter, needed to move faster so built Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC), first application on was SAP.
    • DirecTV Customer Case Study – starting out with a video – DirecTV
      • Mature market – customer satisfaction is very high.
      • Partnered with VMware since 2008
      • Trying to put more capabilities closer to the customers – unified cloud makes that possible.
      • Need a sudden burst of capacity 3-5 times per year – how do you managet to deliver that?
      • Exclusive contract with NFL – very hard to keep scaling as demand keeps growing.
      • Biggest challenge is trying to support cloud, mobility, and big data.
      • Trying to move away from hardware driven networks.
  • Next section is talking about “Run” – how to run any application
  • Then drill down into “Build” and embrace traditional and cloud native applications.
  • Tomorrow will be Sanjay, Pat, etc.
  • Now into the “Run” section…
    • Video to start it off with executives from IHG, Rent-A-Center, others.
    • Bill Fathers, Exec VP & GM of Cloud Services
    • Is just just trying to connect VMware’s stuff into SaaS? Much longer-term….
    • Trying to solve some of the toughest challenges today….
    • Discussing micro-rental of everything – cars, helpers, pets, etc.
    • Eeeee-volution. Love the accent…
    • Long discussion of mobile platforms.
  • Raghu Raghuram – Exec VP & GM of SDDC – @raghuraghuram
    • Virtualizing networking, storage, and compute to deliver the best experience.
    • Seeing the rise of the hybrid application – part of each app running in private and public clouds.
    • That makes it not sufficient to build just a public cloud or just a private cloud
    • This is basicaly the same messaging as the Partner Exchange keynote – some is word for word the same.
  • Yanbing Li – VP Storage and Availability – SDDC & Cloud SErvices
    • @ybhighheels – looks like she just joined Twitter.
    • New EVO SDDC Manager – has Management (vRealize Suite), Networking (NSX 6.2), Storage (Virtual SAN 6.1(, Compute (vSphere 6)
    • Is this EVO:Rack?
    • Can run at very large scale.
    • Can patch the whole SDDC stack as well as the firmware in the switching?
    • How to extend templates to the cloud? network settings? security settings? etc.
    • Now into a demo showing templates in the vSphere web client – extending it to work between private and public cloud
    • Showing how the templates sync to the public cloud.
    • Network in-between public & private includes 1) Intelligent Routing, 2) Strong Encryption, 3) WAN Acceleration, 4) VXLAN Extension, 5) Direct Connect
    • Now shoing a demo of moving a VM via vMotion between datacenters.
    • VMware is not a “Hotel California” cloud provider where you can never check out.
    • Just showed Cross-vCloud vMotion – first time to see it live.
    • Secret sauce is the hybrid networking capability.
    • Project Skyscraper Tech Preview
  • Bill Fathers back on stage with Yanbing – he’s the slightly more decisive boss.
    • Discussing developed in the cloud native apps –
    • Created a new application in the cloud and linked it back onsite.
  • Bill Fathers – “Wow!!!”…
    • Summary – hopefully shown a new way to think about your cloud strategy –
  • Rodney Rogers, CEO of Virtustream on stage.
    • Announced as the way can get SAP to run easily…
    • Showing XStream – core with the peices around it are 1) Software, 2) Managed Service, 3) Infrastructure as a Service, 4) Advisory Services
    • uVM – Traditional ITO, Standard Public Cloud Model (Wasted Overhead), Our Approach
    • 1 uVM = 200 Mhz CPU, 768 MB RAM, 40 IOPs, 2 Mb/s Bandwidth
    • Create a pool of the uVM’s and then balance things around
    • Perfomance, Automation, Security
      • Automation – Xtstream App Director – Complex Operations, Catalog Offering, App or OS orchestration, Workflow orchestration
      • Security – Chip to compliance security, RBAC, 2 factor auth, tenant isolation, Intel TXT, Encryption, Continuous compliance monitoring,
    • Only 1 of 3 companies in the world to have SAP Premium HEC status
  • Ray O’Farrell – CTO & CDO (Chief Development Officer)
    • “dancing swarm of applications”
    • Focusing on how to bridge cloud-native applicaitions.
    • I’m afraid I’m wearing down on the live blog…
  • Kit Colbert – VP & CTO of Cloud-Native Applications
    • Showing Docker to deploy an application
    • VI Admin only sees the VM’s and not containers
    • Challenges with Containers – different units of management
    • Challenge of partial visibility
    • vSphere Integrated Containers – using jeVM in order to have the container be a peer to a VM inside vCenter
    • One container per VM – VM = container = VM
    • Photon – Linux distro to provide jeVM
    • Summary of vSphere Integrated Containers – ability to run traditional apps inside VM’s and cloud-native apps inside containers side by side on a single platform.
    • Showing Photon demo – to provision containers
    • Showing Kubernetes deployment very easily out of VMware Photon management UI
    • Distribution Options for Photon…
      • 1) Photon Controller – Open Source – Coming Soon
      • 2) VMware Photon Platform – subscription – Private Betas Available in Q3 & Q4 2015
      • 3) Pivotal Cloud Foundry & Photon Platform – Integrated Bundle – Private Betas Available in Q3 & Q4 2015
    • http://vmware.com/go/cnaguide
  • Keynote now wrapping up….that’s a wrap for me.

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