VMworld 2015 Session Notes – Rethinking Enterprise Storage: The Rise of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

This basically turned into a VSAN & EVO SDDC presentation — improvements in VSAN 6.1 are quite impressive.

  •  Presenters
    • Charles Fan, VMware, Inc
    • Mike Feld, CTO, Baystate Health, VertitechIT
  • Changing world of storage – in Google, Facebook, etc. datacenter see same hardware used for storage, network, and compute
  • Flash is pushing storage hardware to be redone – can’t handle flash.
  • <Lost track for a bit to schedule a VCE briefing>
  • Now walking through VSAN Ready Nodes
  • If that’s not easy enough, you can do EVO:Rail
  • Lots of benefits – up to 50% TCO savings, up to 7M IOPs, scale up or out
  • 2000+ Customers – lots of logos on the slide.
  • Breakdown with graphs about how VSAN saves up to 50% CapEx
  • Top Use Cases for VSAN – VDI, Business Critical Applications, IT Operations, Remote IT (ROBO)
  • Customer Case Study running VSAN….
    • Bay state Health – Springfield, MA, 2nd largest hospital system in MA, 1 MM patients annually, 12,000 employees, EMR = Cerner, Datacenters = 3
    • Lancaster General Health – Lancaster, PA, Member of UPenn Health System, 630 Beds, EMR = EPIC (HIMMS Stage 7 Acute Card Ward), Datacenters = 2
  • What’s new in VSAN 6.1
    • Enterprise Availability & Data Protection
      • Stretched Cluster with RPO = 0, metro-distance
      • 5 minute RPO vSphere Replication
      • Support for SMP-FT
      • Support for Oracle RAC and Microsoft MSCS
    • Advanced Management & Troubleshooting
      • Health-check plugin for HW monitoring, compliance
      • vRealize Operation integration for capacity planning and root-cause analysis
      • Support cloud-native apps
    • New hardware options
      • 2-node clusters for ROBO
      • New SSD HW Options
        • Intel NVMe
        • Diablo Ultra DIMM
  • Beta Preview: Maximize Space Efficiency and Data Integrity
    • Big Feature 1 = Erasure Coding
    • Big Feature 2 = Deduplication
    • Looking at anywhere from 1.5X – 16X capacity increases
    • http://vmware.com/go/vsanbeta
  • Wikibon long-term project of storage market
    • Showing the wikibon graphic projecting the storage market over the next 10 years
    • Showing most storage moving to be server-based or served from the cloud
  • 64 node, 6,400 VM’s, 4.2M IOPs, 500 TB – running live on the show floor (HCI Zone)
  • Encryption – currently a partnership with HyTrust or can do Self-Encrypting Drives (may be somewhat higher cost)
    • Roadmap = encryption coming in the product later.
  • Question – what’s the difference between EVO:Rack and EVO:SDDC? EVO:SDDC replaces the codename of EVO:Rack with a bit more than was announced as part of EVO:Rack last year.

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