VMworld 2015 Day 2 Keynote Live Blog


Live blogging if wifi/tethering cooperate…

  • Started off with another cute Cloud Academy video
  • Sanjay Poonen, VP of mobility (or something like that)
    • Every VMware executive is on Twitter
    • Your phone is now the remote control for your life.
    • VMware back with Maritz was the first to introduce the concept of workspace…well….maybe.
    • Believe that VMware has leapfrogged to be a leader in innovation in the Mobility/EUC space.
    • Rated by IDC as the leapfrog leader in this space.
    • Like your XenApp? Keep it…we’ll work with it. But if you want to drop it, we have a “Safe Passage” program to buy your maintenance back.
    • Identity Manager discussion – mobile device becomes your second factor authentication.
    • Now a video about how mobility is no longer a choice but a requirement – various happy customer quotes.
  • Jim Alkove, Microsoft Corporate VP of Windows Enterprise & Security
    • It’s like the Berlin wall coming down to have Jim on stage – Jim is the tall Reagan, Sanjay is the Indian Gorbachev.
    • “VMware loves Windows 10” on the slide
    • Microsoft has opened up Windows 10 for an enterprise solution like Airwatch to manage.
    • Talking about the strength of designing hardware and software to work together – XBOX is an example but also following that idea with Windows 10
    • Jim seems like a very nice guy but struggling a bit with the teleprompter
  • Now back to just Sanjay on stage…
    • New spirit of Enterprise IT – have to work together
    • Must marry Consumer Simplicity & Enterprise Security
    • #VMworld 2015 Keynote are designed after @TEDTalks – interesting. Going for ~20 minute interesting segments. #EMCElect #vExpert
  • Noah Wassimer now on stage with Sanjay – @noahsw
    • EUC CTO and VP Product Management at VMware
    • Officially announcing about how Airwatch can mange Windows 10
    • Last year at VMworld showed AppVolumes in a virtual context deploying 100’s of volumes
    • Sanjay – are you telling me we can do this now in a physical context? Yes!
    • So how deliver on the vision of any application for any device?
    • Showing deploying applications via Airwatch to physical Windows, virtual, Samsung tablet, iPad, Surface tablet
    • Working directly with top 100 app vendors to ensure seamless integration
    • So what about security?
    • Have found  way to connect Airwatch and Horizon into NSX seamlessly
    • Doing it via a security scorecard approach which taps into multiple sources simultaneously
    • Live updates off scorecard to change network security settings on the fly
    • Security all the way from the datacenter to the desktop to the device
    • 3 Key themes…
      • Any Application, Any Device
      • Delightful User Experience on Trusted Infrastructure
      • Digital Workspace & Business Transformation
  • Martin Casado – over all things NSX
    • The network is the application
    • Video case study with IHG
    • So what is network virtualization? Similar to compute virtualization…lays over existing network
    • Helps with provisioning – virtualizes all services of the network but now fully distributed
    • Network virtualization can scales infinitely due to its distributed nature.
    • Announcement of NSX 6.2 yesterday – most feature rich release ever.
      • Tons of features – 20+ shown on the slide.
    • Over 700 customers – 100’s in production
    • Showing customers across many industries – healthcare, communication, education, financial, etc.
    • Some partners are adding things in the virtual infrastructure that can’t be done physically – Palo Alto is a good example.
  • Jacob now on stage with Martin Casado for a demo….
    • “This looks like a creepy sea creature – it’s actually a graphical representation of our dev cloud.”
    • Showing various application tiers and how they’re grouped
    • What do you do when get a phone call that an application isn’t working?
    • Switching over to a custom vRealize Operations dashboard – shows computing, network, storage plus the application tiers
    • “This is a networking talk…so of course the problem will be in the network today”
    • Showing a link level topology on the left – on the right see a problem with a top of rack switches. Drill down from the VM into packet loss into the top of rack switch.
    • Now the security guy calls….you’re not compliant unless put in a next generation firewall – that’s really easy….just apply a firewall policy inside the same tool.
  • Tom Corn now on stage with Martin – Senior VP of Security with VMware
    • How to take a point product and turn it into a distributed service or an infinite service
    • This changes how you write policy – can and should ultimately turn that into a checkbox in the application
    • Security challenge of the coming decade is creating trusted services on top of untrusted infrastructure.
    • Why hasn’t this been done already? It’s seriously hard…real operational challenges. Breaks lots of existing controls – key management problem, distribution problem, etc.
    • Distributed network encryption – in-flight encryption
    • Data at rest encryption – used to be preventing against a hard drive stolen out of a datacenter (compliance checkbox). Now it’s files going across the network…have to look at those scenarios and where they live when at rest.
  • Pat Gelsinger, CEO now on stage
    • My job is to pull these threads of conversation together and give a point of view on the path we’re pursuing.
    • Think about how far we’ve come sine those first days of connectivity.
    • Online today 3.1 billion out of 7.3 Billion – Half the population connected by Q3 2019
    • Mobile share of web traffic is now 33%
    • Connected devices per person – 1995 = 0.1, 2015 = 2.9, 2020 = 5.9
    • We now have so many ways to be interrupted.
    • iOS app industry revenues have passed US film industry revenues.
    • Birdman revenues dominated by Angry Birds revenue.
    • Internet economy = $8 trillion, 21% of Global Growth
    • 5 Imperatives for digital business – things business must at least think about and potentially must do.
      1. Asymmetry in business – ability to dominate a lesser force.
        • Let’s look at symmetry first – take England vs. France in the 1700’s
        • Also saw asymmetry – America vs. England – hit and run, small groups, etc.
        • What about today? Today’s incumbents (and VMware is an incumbent) vs. upstarts. Startups aren’t anything new…
        • Today’s technology gives startups unlimited reach, unlimited access, unlimited scale…..and VC’s give unlimited $$
        • “This is the best time in history to be a challenger of the status quo.”
        • Future of the car – from individual ownership to shared, autonomous vechilces
          • Increase in utilization – 4% to 75% (we hardly use our cars by % today)
          • Shift in cost – CapEx to OpEx
          • Drop in # of cars – 70% decrease
          • Drop in accidents – 5.5M to 1.3M
        • Ripple effect – real estate values (suburbs vs. exurbs), lots of others.
        • Summarize of Imperative #1 – Elephants must learn to dance.
          • Innovate like a startup, deliver like an enterprise.
      2. Professional Era of Cloud
        • The Cloud we have constructed to date – large built similar to current IT
        • Experimental phase of cloud – public cloud vs. private cloud – disjointed, disconnected picture
        • Build an environment of “and” – unified hybrid cloud
        • “It’s no longer the big beating the small, it’s the fast beating the slow.” Eric Pearson, CIO, IHG
        • Building the span (bridge metaphor) to bridge public and private clouds
        • Over the next couple years your business will be taking advantage of multiple cloud tech – lots of SaaS, maybe a couple PaaS, 1-2 IaaS.
        • Post Snowden – accelerated demand for home-grown clouds. Countries demand data to be inside their sovereign borders.
        • First time heard about vMotion was from Mendel in Beijing – that’s had a decade long industry impact.
      3. Security – Protecting people, apps, and data
        • We don’t do security to protect a particular server, router, etc. It’s about protecting people, apps, and their data.
        • Remember the OPM breach? Pat had to replace a couple credit cards…also had a false 1040 filed on his behalf.
        • We spend the bulk of our dollars on products we know don’t really solve our problem.
        • Security spending exploding…not necessarily with corresponding benefits.
        • Virtualization layer provides the “Rosetta stone” sitting in between everything.
          1. Alignment – provides alignment of services to the place where they need to be deliver.
          2. Ubiquity – how to provide trusted services on untrusted devices. Enables architecture for security to be developed.
          3. I missed this one.
        • Side-note on security – must “build it in” vs. “bolt it on”….we’ve always heard that, right? It was because we didn’t really have a place to easily build it in. Believe that virtualization allows us to be twice as secure at half the cost.
        • Marathon Oil is an example.
        • Security Renaissance is here – seize the day.
      4. Proactive Technology
        • Remember the early days of artificial intelligence?
        • AI has had a 30 year gestation. Various terms here are…
          • Symbolics, LISP knowledge, Teknowledge, others.
        • Telling a story about when he worked on the 486 chip – positioned for AI but it was really just making it faster. 486 was a good chip but failure for AI
        • Big predictions take 30 years
        • We’re moving over decades from Reactive to Proactive
        • Medical illustration – injectables inside of people?
        • Today – creepy vs. convenient
        • Tomorrow – invasive vs. invaluable
        • Under the hood – analytics to big data to apps to analytics to big data to etc. etc. etc.
        • Algorithms + data structures = programs.
        • Summary = Automate Everything – Predict (almost) anything.
      5. Tech Extinction
        • 40% of the S&P 500 will disappear in the next 10 years (Wall Street journal)
        • Gel singer thinks that half of the top tech companies will be gone in 10 years
        • McKinsey study showing that average length of a company on the S&P 500 has gone from 90 years to 20 years (or something close to that)
        • We’ve moved to a place where not taking risks is the biggest risk.
        • As a tech expert, this is your time to lead – be an entrepreneur inside your respective businesses.
        • Our commitment is that we’ll be your best partner to navigate this world together.

That’s a wrap!

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