EMC Elect Meetup with John Roese (EMC CTO) at VMworld

John Roese, EMC CTO – 15+ EMC Elect in the room with him as well.
Mark Brown doing the introduction…
  • John starting with chatting about the last session with customers…
  • Talking about 2nd platform and 3rd platform – we’ve now all realized that you’re not going to build the same kind of infrastructure stack for 3rd platform as 2nd platform
    • But if you could sufficiently virtualize you might have a common pool you can pull from.
  • Trending toward that we can reuse components of the stacks – common substrate
  • Less stranded hardware
  • 3rd layer – data persistence layer – still debating how it will work out
    • Some won’t cross domains for economic reasons
    • traditional storage technologies may be over-designed for containers
    • software storage may work for traditional workloads
    • Isilon is a good example of this
  • Definitely not just platform 2 and platform 3 storage architectures
  • Data Protection – what about it?
    • It’s needed in Platform 3 – but most Platform 3 architectures don’t even think about data protection.
    • Are there potentially bad things that happen when Platform 3 cattle or chickens die?
    • What about snapshots in the Platform 3 world? Not really defined yet….but could apply.
    • Possibly entirely new data protection models
    • How do you protect a SaaS app? Or a public cloud app?
    • What happens is Salesforce loses all your data?
    • Data Domain could snap in here in very interesting ways – integration with various cloud apps
  • What about resiliency and reliability of containers?
    • Different approach for enterprise workloads
  • Data persistence will mostly go horizontal
  • Roese asking – do we see blurring of Platform 2 and Platform 3?
    • Security has to live on both sides.
      • Security = stop the known bad, allow the known good, detect the unknown…simple, eh? 🙂
      • Security companies so busy doing virtual security that they haven’t gotten to micro-containerized security.
    • Resource Management Scheme – someone has to run this. Even if build into the application someone has to be notified.
      • Operational Recoery is really being ignored in many conversations.
      • Coolest thing here in the EMC portfolio is Virtustream and it’s MicroVM concept. It’s not a small VM but a unit of consumption.
      • Virtualization gets you to a certain point, aggressive resource management takes you farther.
    • Fairly long discussion of Virtustream and how it’s very important to this conversation.
    • Architectural inconsistency between Platform 2 & 3 – P2 has a mgmt tool at the top, P3 has no tools at the top….it’s API’s and the developer doing DevOps things
  • Opportunity for health managment synergy between P2 & P3 – especially if running bimodal IT
    • Matters when sharing some resources underneath
  • Question about Platform 3 going down to the hardware level for health management – P3 doesn’t really.
    • Working with various customers on this.
  • Data Compliance Issues –
  • Data Placement – any intelligence in the drive for data placement?
    • No…but going to happen in the controller level.
    • May happen in the DPAD group – trying to extend the metadata model to understand data protection.
    • This becomes even more important at exabyte scale – at exabyte scale you can only protect data on write…no way to copy/replicate the data.
    • Leads into how do you do advanced data protection at exabyte scale.
    • Metadata snapshot with WORM like capabilities potentially
  • Discussing genetic data – most personally identifiable data out there.
    • Have to be able to clearly identify ownership of that data for it to be on a common substrate/put it into a common repository.
    • Want to share it but not easy
    • Specific example of the larger question.
  • My thoughts/questions I didn’t ask…
    • When a chicken dies, I eat a chicken sandwich (might have had to be there to understand that one).
    • DD Boost – integration with applications – what about SAP, etc already?
    • VSAN – hardware integration – lost writes – split brain issues with high availability – need a quorum of 3 then….drives up costs
    • Common data planes – VPLEX for primary data, Data Domain for backup/archive data.
      • Cloudbridge & Cloudboost in there too.

That’s a wrap – was a mind bending session covering lots of topics.

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