EMC World 2016 – Day 1 Keynote

  • First Speaker – Nina Hargus – Chief Marketing Officer now on stage.
    • Reviewing EMC World overall and general goal.
    • Modernize the Industry, Modernize the Data Center, Modernize the <one more thing>
    • Stats – 500 breakouts, 1000 meet ups, 50+ vLabs, 1,700 Proven Professional Exams
    • Use Twitter hashtag #EMCWorld
    • Reviewing Diamond Sponsors – Cisco, Brocade, Dell
    • Standard yet cool video in between speakers – IT is exciting and loud!
  • Video showing Joe Tucci and Jeremy Goulden discussing Joe coming on stage on a hoverboard. Actor comes out on stage on a hoverboard.
  • Second Speaker – Joe Tucci – not really him on the overboard. 😉
    • Video recap of previous EMC worlds.
    • “This is not the end of something great, this is the beginning of something greater.”
    • Shareholders vote and that’s important – but you vote every day with your dollars. You matter most to all of us.
    • There’s times when everything changes in business/industry – this is one of those times.
    • Michael Dell will discuss strategy and then David Goulden will dive down another level.
    • Personal Note – this is the last time Joe will be up here as Chairman and CEO –
    • Joe gets a standing ovation – well deserved.
  • Third Speaker, Michael Dell, CEO of Dell
    • 2001 – 15 years ago – 1st EMC World conference – let’s go back there. $399 first iPod, Intel ships Itanium, 3G networks started.
    • By 2031 200 Billion connected devices – and dealing with/leveraging that data is the challenge of our generation – “next industrial revolution”.
    • Sometimes I wonder if when Skynet takes over we’ll look back at today and laugh. 😉
    • “EMC/Dell will provide cloud native infrastructure operated in a devops model.” BUT “Someone still needs to manage today’s IT infrastructure.”
    • Hearing more and more concerns from customers around security – increasing attack surface.
    • EMC & Dell are the leader in 21 Gartner Magic Quadrants
    • EMC is the most successful company in the industry in incubating new technologies, Dell best at scaling things.
    • “No 90 day shot clock anymore.”
    • Top culture focus in both Dell & EMC based on internal surveys is “customer focus”.
    • As family names go, I’m kind of attached to Dell – company post acquisition will be known as Dell Technologies. The sub brands will be…
      • Dell, Dell EMC, VMware, Pivotal, etc.
      • Enterprise technologies will be known as Dell EMC.
    • To compete and succeed every company must become a software company – David Goulden will walk through that.
    • Competitors are shrinking their way to success – that might just be a poke at HP.
    • Tomorrow is the 32nd birthday of Dell – started in the dorm room in TX
    • Has seen a democratization of IT, computing power, internet access.
    • Merger remains on track under original terms and original timeline.
  • 4th Speaker – David Goulden, CEO of EMC II now on stage.
    • Some people might be concerned that the pace of innovation inside EMC has slowed down – I’ll show you that’s not true.
    • 3 Requirements of modern business are Agility, Efficiency & Speed.
    • $2.7 Trillion spend on traditional IT – need to modernize in order to get money to invest in new applications.
    • No way that a single storage platform could meet all the needs of current workloads.
    • EMC declared 2016 the year of All Flash for primary storage and traditional workloads.
    • EMC as All Flash Array Leader with 40% marketshare.
    • Launch of VMAX All Flash earlier this year (also supports FICON).
    • Announcing Unity – midrange array starting at $20k for all flash configurations, $10k for hybrid configs.
    • Lifetime Maintenance protection, 3 year money back guarantee, Lifetime flash endurance protection.
    • Data Domain – announcing Virtual Edition and also archiving to the public cloud.
    • ScaleIO – continuing to develop, scales to thousands of nodes, foundation of VxRack
    • DSSD – 10M IOPs with 100 microsecond latency with 5U form factor.
      • Later this week will announce can cluster (2) DSSD’s and double all specs.
    • Project Nitro – sneak peek on Wednesday.
    • ECS – Global Object Scale storage.
    • That was an insanely fast run through of the EMC storage portfolio.
    • Now into Converged Infrastructure….
      • 36% Market Share – that was built on the back of Vblock but now is a portfolio as well with addition of VxRail and VxRack.
      • Vblock customers happy due to 1) fastest time to deploy and 2) reliable experience through whole lifetime of the Vblock.
      • Showing Traditional to Cloud Native spectrum – Vblock = traditional, VxRack = cloud native, VxRail – in between.
    • Cloud Solutions – two pieces here…
      • Enterprise Hybrid Cloud – walking through benefits. Sirius has the first EHC certified partner lab in the world.
      • Native Hybrid Cloud – will make your developers love you. More details tomorrow.
      • Virtustream – best enterprise cloud app adoption.
        • Announcing today that Pivotal Cloudfoundry is available as as service from Virtustream
        • Announcing Virtustream storage cloud – S3 compatible storage cloud built on ECS storage
        • How different from AWS? Will have strong integration into existing EMC products.
      • EMC Cloud Strategy = Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, Virtustream, Native Hybrid Cloud. #EMCworld #Emcelect
  • Rodney Rogers, Virtustream CEO on stage with David Goulden
    • General Virtustream review – they started with SAP because it was really hard (“800 pound gorilla application” but they’re pushing into other critical apps.
    • Launching Virtusteam blueprints for Oracle and Epic by the end of the year.
    • Virtustream storage cloud – online next week for Americas, EMEA and APJ during the rest of 2016.
    • Data Domain integration, Isilon integration for tiering.
  • Customer Case Study on stage, Coca-Cola
    • Dominic Wheeler, CIO
    • Historically back end IT was seen as more boring by the business – Dominic sees that changing due to cost savings of newer IT, also really appreciate the flexibility/agility that good IT brings to the business.
    • IT will be critical on executing on the business goals over the next 18 months – that’s exciting.
  • Announcing MyService360 –
    • I love that Kevin is
    • Providing visibility into install base and environment.
    • MyService360 – live dashboard into systems.
    • This looks very impressive at first blush.
    • Available today for customers with maintenance contracts.

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