EMC World 2016 – Day 2 Keynote

  • Nina Hargus, 1st Speaker, CMO
    • Opening recap of yesterday’s events.
  • “Leaders of the Modern Data Center” awards to customers – Jeremy Burton on stage with Nina
    • 1st Award – Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
    • Congrats to Sheila Hartness with Wake Baptist Medical Center in NC for winning an EMC Leadership award.
    • Lightstorm (James Cameron/Avatar company).
    • Other winners are Calloway, Verizon
  • Intermission video with Jeremy Burton meeting Guy Churchward – now both of them on stage.
    • No gratuitous promotion of Dell today – on another note, here’s my new Dell XPS laptop which is absolutely fantastic – I can’t even remember my previous laptop.
    • Technical Debt – discussing the debt we have locked up in our current applications. CIO’s not giving more money – have to figure out how to compress technical debt so can build up money to modernize.
  • Fidelma Russo, VP for VMAX
    • Discussing VMAX All Flash
    • 1/2 millisecond response time, 4 million IOPs per second, 150 GB/s throughput
    • Up to 4 PB usable capacity in a single system – largest all flash array on the planet.
    • Discussing architecture for flash – 16 TB cache helps by reducing backend writes – increases endurance of the flash drives.
    • Start with Vbricks and can add more for easy scaling.
    • Data services you’d expect – Compression, vVols, SRDF/A, SRDF/S, SRDF/Metro, D@RE, SnapVX, non-disruptive migrations from 5876 code (free capability), cloud tiering via integration with Cloud Array.
    • Two models – 450 (up to 4 Vbricks/engines) or 850 (up to 8 Vbricks/engines)
    • Two software levels F or FX – F = base software, FX = everything.
      • Much simpler than previous VMAX licensing
  • Jeff Boudreaux, Mr. Mid-range – reviewing Unity (next gen VNX)
    • Unity – simple, modern, flexible, and affordable.
    • SUSE Linux under the covers, HTML5 (no Java)
    • Mention of Docker
    • 3x performance, 1/3 space, 1/2 cost
    • Picture on Twitter of what he calls his family portrait – the models and deployment options of Unity – virtual, physical, Vblock, etc.
    • Jeff was the first presenter on stage with a t-shirt + sport combo – kudos! 🙂
    • Now doing a “live” demo – it might be recorded. 😉
    • Showing vVol creation and other items – very clean interface and “clickable friendly”
    • Now doing a pretty fun live green screen walkthrough of Unity hardware with both Jeff and Jeremy
    • 3.8 TB drives now, 7.6 TB drives by mid summer, 15 TB drives by end of the year.
  • Now discussing Copy Data Management (CDM) with Beth and Jeremy Burton
    • Using muffins, croissants, and bagels to describe CDM – just your everyday technology preso using breakfast food. 😉
    • Demo showing eCDM – Copy Data Management interface. It’s not actual product and not just Powerpoint messaging!
    • Interface looks very nice – can auto-discover copies across multiple EMC storage products.
    • 18% of Guy’s revenue went through Converged Infrastructure
  • Chad Sakac now on stage – President of Converged Infrastructure
    • Build vs. Buy Discussion
    • Believe that there’s never a single answer that can solve everyone’s problem.
    • Going into Racks, Rails, and Blocks discussion.
    • Blocks – Blocks – main word is “trusted”.
      • Giving props to Sheila Hartness with Wake Forest Medical Center
      • Melbourne Airport – Vblock to run entire airport.
      • Railroad example
      • Financial – BNP Paribe running Vblocks for private cloud.
      • Blocks are awesome and available in any size you want as long as that size is “big”. What if want to start small?
    • Rails – VxRail is the answer to that question.
      • Start small and grow to a pretty decent amount – 100 VM’s up to a couple thousand VM’s
      • Review of the hardware – pulling blade to show what’s in it.
      • Walking through VxRail interface with Burton
      • Up to 16 appliances/64 nodes
      • App Store – easy installation of various EMC virtual items – vSphere Data Protection, Recoverpoint for VM,
        • Data Domain Virtual Edition coming in May
      • Now moving into Racks…
    • Racks – rack scale systems.
      • 3 Node Types – Flex (some vSphere, some Linux, some KVM, etc.), SDDC (VMware focused), Neutrino (built for )
    • Enterprise Hybrid Cloud – super quick discussion of advanced VMware capabilities + demo of EHC 3.5
      • EHC 4.0 will allow you to provision an individual virtual machine inside the Virtustream cloud.

I had to triage some items around meeting requests so today was a bit less detailed – hopefully a good flavor of the keynote. Lots of tweets + pictures on Twitter as @andriven


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