EMC World 2016 – Day 3 Keynote

Got here a bit late due to VCE PTAB on the 5th floor – had to hike down to get a seat in the Analyst section.

Started with a Mission Possible theme – Jeremy Burton in a bowtie, etc.

  • CJ Desai
    • Software Defined strategy has 3 components – 1) ScaleIO, 2) ECS, 3) IsilonSD Edge
    • 1) ScaleIO – 1000’s of nodes, millions of IOPs, Choice of hypervisors and OS, traditional and next-gen apps.
      • Touting StorageReview review of ScaleIO – http://www.storagereview.com/emc_vxrack_node_powered_by_scaleio_review
      • IDC – 505% return on investment, $6.1M business benefits
      • 3x YoY Customer Growth, 25,000+ Users, 345% YoY Growth
    • ECS – 60% lower cost TCO than public cloud competitors
      • Newly added NFS Support, Metadata Search, Data at Rest Encryption
      • User defined metadata – in an IoT scenario can tag data (example = sensor location).
      • 1.4 EB shipped 2015, 15,000+ Users, 133% YoY Growth
    • Isilon SD Edge
      • All OneFS protocols, up to 36 TB scale.
    • ViPR controlled updated – 3.0 available next week.
    • Isilon SDK that leverages platform API available on Github.
  • Now having Siemens and Verizon in a customer walkthrough
    • Larry Rau, Director of Architecture and Infrastructure at Verizon
      • Using Syncplicity
      • Using ECS – ECS gave a compelling TCO over public cloud plus good data control/governance.
    • Frederik Janssen, Director of Global Services at Verizon
      • Wanted to embrace open source – think open source community will create a stronger product in the long term
      • Didn’t look at EMC at first….what changed his mind?
      • Just because like open source doesn’t mean don’t use best of breed products.
  • Video in between with Burton as James Bond getting poisoned.
    • Josh Bernstein – @quityourjoshing – Showing ScaleIO, Mesos, RexRay, RackHD, Rancher – deploying applications quickly
    • Interesting combo of open source + EMC technologies.
  • CJ Desai – Announcing Data Lake 2.0
    • Isilon SD – pull in data at the edge and replicate back to the core via SyncIQ
    • Isilon Cloudpool – can tier from Isilon over to ECS, Azure, Amazon, Virtustream
  • Interview with Jon Landau of Lightstorm entertainment
    • Showing a bit of a backstage version of how Avatar
    • Jon grew up around the movie field – parents made art films.
    • Jim Cameron pushes people to push technology in the service of telling stories.
    • Jim & Jon did things that allowed other people to push further in film-making.
    • The Abyss – first time digital effects ever used in a feature film.
    • Photoshop – developed by John Knoll to do work for The Abyss
    • 1st Avatar film – Weta had 2 PB of storage.
    • Upcoming Avatar film – will be 12 PB of storage
    • Sneak peek – going to stay on Pandora for next movies and explore water, snow, different tribes, etc.
    • Everything Jon does today is digital – illustrates it by letting people see all the EMC equipment they use in their machine room.
    • How do you build Avatar? Sit down and build a world digitally in computers. Instead of turning over to construction people turn it over to digital artists. Jim Cameron holds a virtual camera so he sees the virtual world with the actors in it.
      • Try to give actors a feel for the environment. Had a guy in Hawaii walking his dog and seeing James Cameron filming Sam Worthington with a little camera for some onsite acting site prep and says “Wow…he’s gone downhill.”
  • CJ Desai –
    • Introducing Project Nitro – all flash Isilon architecture with next generation blade architecture
    • Can scale up to a full rack – can scale out to 400 nodes, 1.5 TB/s, 100 Petabytes.
    • Applause during this section.
    • DSSD shipping in March – lot of hardware and software innovation to drive 100 GB/S bandwidth, 144 TB capacity, 100 us latency, 10 Million IOPs
    • Interest in DSSD for 1) Databases & Data Warehouses, 2) Analytics on Hadoop (real time), 3) Custom applications.
    • Quote from Cloudera (fastest Hbase cluster we’ve ever tested).
    • Announcement – DSSD will be available in a rack configuration with (10) Dell servers attached to (2) D5’s
      • 2x IOPS, 2x Capacity, 1/3 Latency
  • Movie showing Bond (Burton) about to get burned by a laser powered by an HP laser jet (jokes about powering revenues via ink sales)
  • Josh Bernstein back on stage to save Bond
    • Showing deploying nodes expanding nodes on site with cloud integration
    • Triggered a “low ink” warning to save him.
  • Burton back on…recap of what have seen so far. We’ve mainly seen storage infrastructure..so what’s above that?
    • Inviting Kit Colbert from VMware and James Waters from Pivotal onstage.
    • Kit talking about companies with mobile apps seeing 30% increase in orders due to easier process to order.
    • Discussing a customer with a hard to operate complex java stack from IBM – making that simpler with CloudFoundry
    • Challenges around going open source internally?
      • Going well but some differences…it’s not a sales rep showing up and presenting something but customers discover things online/at conferences and then engage a vendor.
  • Chad Sakac now on stage – “let’s show technology that doesn’t just save your life but catches the bad guy….it’s all about outcomes”
    • Slower time to market is deadly with cloud native applications.
    • Introducing VxRack System 1000 – Neutrino nodes – meant to be easy way to get started for PaaS and cloud applications
    • Will integrate whole Apache Hadoop ecosystem
    • Native Hybrid Cloud – Turnkey developers platform
      • Creating an engineered platform on top of which can innovate faster.
      • Meant to help bring developers and IT operations teams together – shrink down the speed of innovation.
    • Outcomes, outcomes, outcomes.
    • 3x Faster time to market, 2x boost to developer productivity, 10x improvement operational efficiency
    • Chad is 006.5
    • Doing a demo of the Native Cloud interface along with VxRack Neutrino interface
      • Adding cores to a cloud worked –

That’s a wrap – or I have to head out. 🙂

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