Dell EMC World 2016 – Analyst Session Notes

I won’t pretend this post is God’s gift to mankind but thought I’d put out some semi-random notes in case anyone is interested. This is a compilation of items from multiple analyst sessions throughout the day.


Marius Haas, Chief Commercial Officer and President – breadth and depth of Dell technologies is second to none. Focused on how to make sure our account coverage model helps customers transform. Partner programs are focused around 1) Simplicity, 2) Predictability, 3) Profitability.

Bill Scannell, DellEMC Enterprise Sales – no customer saying “this was a bad idea” (the merger/acquisition) but have had happy Dell customers say they’ll look at EMC and happy EMC customers say they’ll look at Dell.

When look at 2017 Go To Market, we will have 2 segments – Enterprise & Commercial. How segmenting the business? 3200 largest accounts will live in the Enterprise segment. Segmenting based on buying criteria and what’s best for the customer. Trying to make really sure didn’t mess up coverage models.

Discussing account owner & specialty – going to maintain account ownership and have specialty organizations to cover the breadth of the portfolio.

Rules of engagement for the channel – EMC learned the hard way over the years that had to go home with the partner that brought EMC to the table.


For hybrid cloud, need common control plane. Need common unit of measure to move workloads around. These two things are not only uncommon but very hard to do.

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