Dell EMC World 2016 – Social Compass Breakfast

Cool welcome banner at the door with everyone invited. I’ll be posting live blogs of the keynotes later today.

This is a snapshot of interesting statements from the Social Compass Breakfast for Social Influencers – not a live blog but a snippet of live blogging and/or things that felt interesting.

Focus for Dell EMC is how to enable the digital world – always on, always connected, etc. How to take the platforms you have and make them more connected and then how does that change the way you deliver IT services.

4 pillars – 1) Internet of Things, 2) IT Transformation 3) <missed this>  4) Workforce Transformation (everyone has lots of devices). The walkthrough happened in a different order.

1) Digital or IT Transformation – Jeremy Burton will walk through this – do believe it’s a unique strategy to be able to do this end to end. How to break down barriers (converged for instance) and accelerate application development (Pivotal). Not just in the datacenter but extends out to edge compute.

2) Workforce Transformation – lots of personas setup to show how fit this. Example = hallway warrior, always-on traveler, etc. 11 AM in Room 12A Alison will present a session and walk through these personas.

3) Internet of Things – Andy Rhodes discussing what this really is. IoT is really a collection of data we never had before due to the dropping price of silicon. Can put silicon in places we never could before and collect data from places we never could before. “Data stored is a cost center for businesses. Data analyzed is a profit center.”

4) Yes, I didn’t take notes on #4.

To make all this happen, need many things. While the tech is hard, (edge gateways, Pivotal, etc), many customers are now telling us the tech is the easy part.

Stella Lowe – embargoes end at 9 AM. Press receives it at 8 AM. If you like the Dark Knight, there’s a surprise in the afternoon keynote. Good high level overview of the day’s events.

Q&A Time

  • What about security & FUD? To be honest a general answer – these things have stronger business drivers than the FUD and the security concerns can be addressed.
  • What about smaller companies vs. larger companies – where this message resonate the most or the least? We believe this can scale for SMB up to largest enterprises.
  • What about regulations – looking at that? Yes – have large government affairs team that looks at spectrum usage. Adoption is happening very fast with or without standards so participating on standards bodies to help drive regulations around the standards.

That’s a wrap – good start to the day with strong high-level messaging.

Heading to the keynote next…

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