Live Blog – Dell EMC World 2016 Morning Keynote

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If you’ve not read a live blog from me before, I try to be coherent but don’t stress much about formatting or grammar – this is meant to be a live take on what was said that felt interesting enough to write down. ūüėČ

Jeremy Burton opening on stage…

  • biggest Dell EMC World so far – 8,000 people. Furthest attendee came 8,808 miles.
  • 101 individuals that have been to every Dell World
  • 70% of you are attending for the first time
  • company you’ll see today is very different than what you would have seen beore.
  • Speakers today are Michael Dell, David Goulden, and Jeff Clarke
  • Malcolm Gladwell speaking at keynote tomorrow morning.
  • 30+ Hands-on labs, 120+ breakout sessions.
  • Love seeing that Nutanix is a top 6 sponsor (Silver) for the conference

Now on to Michael Dell…I hope you know who he is.

  • Last year we’d just announced Dell + EMC – Go Big or Go Home! Apparently no one went home.
  • 8 billion connected devices on the planet today – will grow to 200B by 2031
  • Discussing Jevon’s Paradox although not by name –¬†
  • Internet of Everything is the sunrise of a new era.
  • Huge amount of uncertainty – 45% of business fear will be obsolete in 3-5 yar, 48% have no idea what their industry will look like in 3 years, 78% of business consider digital businesses a threat.
  • #1 in so many things – Servers, HCI, etc. -10+ areas listed.
  • 20 Gartner Magic Quadrants, 20K+ Patents & Applications, $4.5B Annual R&D Spend
  • Themes = Best Innovation, Highest Quality, Greatest Value
  • Debt payments are less than competitors spend on dividends and stock buybacks.
  • Working on aligning capabilities across entire Dell Technologies family – that’s a big family which encompasses Dell, DellEMC, Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks, Virtustream, VMware
  • Goal = be THE most trusted provider of essential infrastructure for the next industrial revolution
  • Video now with Jeff Immelt, CEO and Chairman of GE – saying that companies outsourced too much and to their own detriment. Discussing how made crucial investment in Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry is built on open source Cloud Foundry so avoid cloud lockin – also fully portable across AWS, Azure, Google and on premise clouds.
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry providing portability¬†matters b/c cloud is an operating model for IT and NOT a place.
  • Being public cloud first and only isn’t a realistic strategy – need hybrid cloud to truly cover all the apps needed for today’s companies.
  • Every company is on a journey to hybrid cloud whether realize it or not.
    • Modernize
    • Automate
    • Transform
  • Video with Randall Stephenson of AT&T – discussing how cloud is moving into the core business model of telecommunications. SDN enhances the speed to bring new services to market. Believe DellEMC has made the right choice at the right time.
  • Multicloud world is a reality but DellEMC can provide the right software to manage through that.
  • Am retweeting a lot of content from other folks as well.
  • Testimonial from Ford
  • Now moving into security – single data breach could exceed $150M cost – crazy.
  • This is why security is the 3rd pillar supporting digital strategy.
  • DellEMC World is giving you first look at next great technology company that can do more for partners and customers than anyone else.
  • Side comment – I can’t help but notice that Michael Dell’s hands never return to a neutral position by his side. He’s definitely very relaxed and enjoying himself on stage though – feels almost like a victory lap for him.

Now to David Goulden – head of DellEMC (i.e. what used to be EMC).

  • Traditional applications have peaked at $2.7 Trillion in 2015
  • Hybrid Cloud – 24% cost savings vs. traditional infrastructure, 40% savings reallocated to new initiatives
  • Have built out platforms for Traditional and Cloud-Native apps.
  • Cloud building blocks – Servers+storage+network, virtualization, orchestration, Platform, Your Apps
  • #1 in Converged, Servers, Storage, and Flash – not sure if that’s by marketshare or which metric
  • Now going into hyperconverged and how the secret sauce is really the software defined storage – so also #1 in Software-Defined Storage, Virtualization, and Data Protection
  • VxRail is foundation for Integrated backup, Cloud Enabled, Virtual Desktops, Enterprise Hybrid Coud, Native Hybrid Cloud, Analytics Insight
    • Announcing the analytics pieces today.
  • What if want to build a much bigger version of this? VxRack is your answer.
    • VxRack is now on PowerEdge servers
  • Still selling and enhancing the Dell XC platform – didn’t make it in the Blocks, Racks, Appliances slides after a couple slides focusing on VxRail
  • New Release – VMAX250F – baby VMAx that can still go to 1M IOPs, Unity updates, XtremIO – new NAS capability on XtremIO, Data Domain – Cloud Tiering, 4 new models.
  • ViPR and Powerpath now supporting Dell SC Series
  • DSSD – industry leading Oracle benchmarks
  • Virtustream storage cloud is built on ECS technology – announcing today that can host and manage customer dedicated ECS instances in over 20 datacenters around the world.
  • Formal release¬†of all flash Isilon (this has been a long time coming since the original announcements
  • Dense Flash storage – 400 TB in 2U
  • Two final important thoughts
    • OpenScale flexible payment options – IMHO this gives teeth to the “we can do utility computing better when go private
      • Not sure what the second thought was…it related to the Openscale comment

Jeffrey Clarke now on stage – head of Client Solutions. Is rocking an awesome belt buckle and no sport coat.

  • 50% of workers today are doing at least 2 hours of work a day from a public place.
  • 50% of employees bring personal devices into the workplace – most haven’t told their employers.
  • Many employees would not take a job due to substandard technology….or would quit a job if a major change for the worse.
  • 45% of companies had one or more data breaches in past 24 months, 4x ransomware attacks than last yeawr, 4k incidents per year
  • Focusing on these items as part of Client Solutions
  • Announcing from one company ability to take Dell Data Protection and add Mozy, RSA, and VMware’s Airwatch
  • Includes Dell Data Encryption – I need to dig into this as it’s stated as market leading but I have no background in it.
  • Have to talk about prodcuts a bit – hitting on a few items.
    • 43″ Monitor, commercial notebooks, IoT devices, rugged lines.
    • Latitude 13″ – smallest, lightest laptop with 13″ screen. Followup to XPS 13 which was market leading, lots of awards, etc. Showing the Rose Gold version of it. Has a really cool tiny bezel “Infinity Edge” display.
    • 43″ monitor that can take 4 video streams and break up into 4 virtual monitors – lets you have (4) 21″ displays by doing that.
  • Chief guy from Alienware is now on stage talking about various cool virtual reality/teleportation

That’s a wrap!

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