Dell EMC World 2016 – Introduction & Q&A with Michael Dell

Stella Lowe on stage first – forward looking statements so keep that in mind. Almost no PowerPoint today.

Michael Dell giving a recap from the keynote – believes has incredible end to end capabilities. Very brief intro and now opening up to questions.

Note: I never expect executive Q&A to cover every facet but always find it interesting what comes to mind for them on any given topic.

  • Joe Peneteri – editor of channel company – what do you see around CapEx and OpEx swings?
    • One of the areas that David highlighted in his keynote – very much focused on new OpEx models. Wide range of IP – EMC team has also embraced Dell Financial Services.
  • My question “Andrew Miller here via EMC Elect & social influencer program – come from customer side and channel partner side – existing landscape is huge range of partners with different business models and focuses. As I hear emphasis on end to end solutions encompassing a huge amount of technology, what is your ideal  partner of the future and how do you see that affecting existing partners?”
    • Looking for partners to grow into adjacencies – if did servers, add storage, etc.
    • Don’t think realistic for a DellEMC partner to cover everything and don’t expect that
    • Will have a single channel program
    • Seeing a lot of excitement in the partner community
  • Question  – is Modernize, Automate, Transform backwards? Should Transform be first?
    • Good question….but needed solid foundation before can transform.
  • Question – where see growth coming? What about Chinese competitors?
    • No real comment on the Chinese side.
    • Growth from tons of areas – converged + HCI is big.
  • Dell is #1 in PC revenue but not in units – easy to be #1 in units if want to be.
  • What about mobile phones?
    • No – very definite and immediate answer (gets audience laughter and applause).
    • Doesn’t think the customer needs another smartphone company.
    • But…mobile devices are increasingly holding important company data and we can address that via Airwatch.

That’s a wrap.

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