Dell EMC World 2016 – Leader’s Perspectives Sessions

After Michael Dell it moved to two sessions on Leaders Perspectives with two parts.

  1. Client Solutions Presentation and Q&A with Jeff Clarke, Vice Chairman, Operations & President, Client Solutions at Dell.
  2. Infrastructure Solutions & Services Presentation and Q&A with David Goulden (President, Infrastructure Solutions Group DellEMC) and Howard Elias (President Global Services)

Note: I wasn’t super happy with the level of depth I captured in this one but decided to publish it in case useful for anyone.

Part 1 – am afraid I caught up on blog posts and Twitter so not as much detail here. Highlights were….

  • Discussion of 3D Crosspoint
  • #1 in Revenue – leader in a lot of other areas
  • Lot of innovation on the PC front and edge compute experience – this does create lots more data in the datacenter and cloud.
  • Can pay for Optiplex desktops as a monthly service cost
  • How to evaluate which segments are exciting and/or worth investments? (good question from IDC) Good answer here.

Part 2 – paying more attention here simply as relates to what I do more.

  • Howard Elias looks after both Services as well as Internal IT
  • Very high demand to talk to internal practitioners who have implemented their tech in house
  • What’s the real power of the portfolio? We’re given more opportunities to have important conversations with our customers than anyone else due to the range of what we can offer. Also can drive towards holistic conversations. Leverage supply chain and services chain which goes beyond all the innovation everyone else is doing in the market.
  • Coming together as Dell & EMC immediately perspective much larger…has been a good thing.
  • Focus on CI & HCI with centralized IT but also focus on IoT – where do they intersect?
    • VxRail does work at the edge…..don’t forget that.
    • Every time put a smart device out there it needs to talk to something and creates data. DellEMC just happens to love data.
    • Need solutions designed to handle that scale of data….that’s what the datacenter scale CI & HCI solutions can handle.
    • Look at what VxRail can do today – fast forward 5 years when that’s 10x more powerful and that could be the edge gateway to aggregate IoT data. Very good point.

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