Live Blog – Dell EMC World 2016 Afternoon Keynote

Updates to come here and on Twitter – @andriven

If you’ve not read a live blog from me before, I try to be coherent but don’t stress much about formatting or grammar – this is meant to be a live take on what was said that felt interesting enough to write down.

This was teased as a Dark Knight focused presentation with some super cool, super secret things.

Opening fun video about Dark IT Knight fighting against BLOAT trying to drive up IT costs in Tech City – Jeremy Burton on stage kicking it off. Going to use Data Protection to fight aggainst tech corruptor.

Beth Phalen on stage to walk through this – talking about Data Domain Virtual Edition on PowerEdge as well as CloudTier as DD sending data out to AWS. Demo time to show Data Domain Management Center and restore capabilites from the cloud. vCenter component of the demo to show native interface.

Burton back – seeing object storage being used as foundation for cloud applications and IoT applications. Manuvir Das now onstage – SVP, General Manager Advanced Software Division. ECS can save up to 60% compareed to public cloud.

Announced 3rd major version of ECS – version 3.0. 3 major things – 1) Certified on DellPowerEdge Servers, 2) Ultra Dense D-Series Tape Replacement, 3) Dedicated Cloud Service

Now into a fake car ride with Jeremy + Ashley + Jeff Boudreau

Dell is #1 in server marketshare. Also VMAX 250F introduction – $100k. Jeff Boudreau is in the hot seat since has both Unity and Dell SC (i.e. Compellent). Announcements for Unity = inline compression + 15 TB flash drives. With compression that’s 1/2 PB in 2U

Phil Bullinger, SVP, General Manager – Isilon. #1 Scale Out NAS, 7,500 Customers. Pioneered Data LAke concept for unstructured data – can access same dataset over legacy protocols (NFS, CIFS) but also over modern protocols (REST, object, etc.). Have invested in resiliency and hardening. Simple, efficient management for all your unstructured data.

Announcement of all flash Isilon node – not just hardware improvements but major software work to get 15x response time improvement. Record = customer who managers 75 PB of Isilon with 2 people.

A single DNA Sequencer can generate 2 PB of data per year and that’s before analysis. All flash Isilon takes 6 hours for DNA processing down to 20 minutes – 12x Denser, 18x Faster

Now to VxRail discussion – Chad Sakac comes out in a Captain Canada superhero outfit. Picture here…

Walking through VxRail node addition and how fast it is. Also reviewing deploying Hortonworks and Cloudera on top of Native Hybrid Cloud – all pretty automated.

That’s a wrap – hard to describe the videos in between but were fun. 🙂

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